man struggling with the consequences of drug abuse

Consequences of Drug Abuse: Shedding Your Past and Claiming a Brighter Future

The consequences of drug abuse are far-reaching and devastating to everyone involved, especially those who work in professional fields. Substance use disorder causes the deterioration of relationships, financial crises, physical illness, and anxiety. It affects people of most ages and from all social standings. It destroys families, reputations, and careers without discrimination, and it can make…


The Cost of Alcohol Addiction [Infographic]

Most people aren’t aware of the true cost of alcohol addiction. Sure, there’s a direct financial cost that they can calculate. However, the real cost of addiction goes well beyond money. Addiction takes a toll on people’s emotions and relationships as well. The Financial Cost of Alcohol Addiction Let’s start with the most literal cost…

man holding bottle and showing signs of alcoholism

What are the Signs of Alcoholism?

Sometimes the signs of alcoholism are obvious. When someone is constantly drinking or intoxicated, it’s clear that they have an alcohol problem. However, there are different levels of alcoholism. Many people fall under the term functioning alcoholics. These people seem to maintain a normal life, despite their drinking habits. However, alcoholism of any type is a…