Alumni Meetings

Support systems are vital to lasting addiction recovery. The people you meet during your recovery can quickly become lifelong friends as well. If you’ve met people during the addiction treatment programs at Santé Center that you want to stay in touch with, or want to get to know more alumni, our online alumni meetings are a tremendous resource.

These meetings, led by licensed Santé Center staff, take place every Wednesday from 6–8 PM CST.

Attending gives you a way to keep in communication with friends you met during treatment, create a fellowship of sobriety, and stay strong in your recovery. A good support system should be a crucial part of your aftercare plan.

Stay in touch via the link below through OmniJoin, the free online conference system that we use to hold our alumni meetings:

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Aftercare Services

Santé Center for Healing aftercare coordinator begins aftercare planning as soon as a client is admitted. This planning phase includes scheduling appointments with the appropriate mental health professionals, securing living arrangements when necessary, providing resources for local 12-step chapter meetings and gathering the necessary materials when a client is seeking employment after discharge. In addition, our ongoing relationships with our alumni include weekly meetings on campus and an annual alumni retreat.