Overcoming addiction or any other mental disorder is a long road. During this journey, people must get the support that they need to maintain recovery. At Santé Center for Healing, we understand this need and offer a family therapy program. However, what is family therapy, and what benefits does it have for people with mental disorders?

What Is a Family Therapy Program?

While in our family therapy program in Dallas, TX, people interact with their families and friends in a therapy setting. Despite the name, family therapy doesn’t only include relatives. Often times, it includes close friends with whom clients have strong relationships.

As important as family therapy is, it alone isn’t enough to help people overcome addiction or mental disorders. People must participate in other types of therapy too. For example, family therapy is a good complement to a cognitive behavioral therapy program.

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“All that I know about this facility reflects a heart to make a difference. Nobody is perfect but they continue to make changes, reach out to the community and seek to understand new roads and resources that will lead to recovery. In this day and age we desperately need more people like this to assist the people hurting in our society. I am a cheerleader for sure.”

What Benefits Does Family Therapy Offer?

Much like a holistic therapy program, family therapy has several benefits. Of course, these benefits differ slightly for everyone who’s in a family therapy program. Despite that, they’re likely to enjoy a few common benefits at Santé Center for Healing.

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For more information about addiction and long-term recovery, contact a Santé Center representative.

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Get Addiction Treatment Now at Santé Center for Healing

Do you need a family therapy program Dallas, TX has? If so, there are many unique programs available. If you only want the best for your family, reach out to Santé Center for Healing. We can provide therapy that heals long-standing wounds.

Of course, we offer more than just a family therapy program at Santé Center for Healing. In fact, we strive to offer a variety of services in order to support addiction recovery. The more programs that we offer, the more people we can help. A few of the services that we have include:

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Take back control of your life, and get your addiction under control. Learn more about our family therapy program and how it aids the healing process. Don’t wait to call Santé Center for Healing at 866.238.3154 for more information.