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Seeking Addiction Treatment from Santé Center for Healing

At Santé, we specialize in helping individuals in active addiction experience life-
saving, life-affirming recovery and trauma resolution. Our Masters-level
counselors are available for individual, group, and family counseling. We also
offer experiential and holistic treatment options, including:

If you are ready for change or are looking to help your loved one seek the treatment that he or she needs, fill out the form below.

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If your loved one is actively dealing with an addiction, it’s time to help them find treatment. Whether you’re considering an intervention or your loved one has already expressed interest in finding an addiction treatment program, Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas, can help. Additionally, we’ll give you the tools needed to understand and cope with your loved one’s addiction while they’re in treatment.

Working Together for Sobriety

For individuals struggling with addiction, family support is a strong ally. If you’re trying to find help for your loved one, you’re already proving that. At Santé, we want to help strengthen those bonds by working together toward your loved one’s recovery.

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Throughout your loved one’s treatment, we’ll be transparent and communicate the steps necessary for recovery and common milestones for the journey. When your loved one arrives in treatment, you’ll connect with one of our Family Programming Team members who will provide you a letter, questionnaire, and workbook. These materials and communication with our Family Programming Team contribute a better understanding of what your loved one’s individualized treatment program and levels of care will look like.

Once your loved one finishes his or her stay in residential treatment, we’ll work with family members to establish rules and guidelines for maintaining sobriety. Aftercare is a vital component of recovery, and family is often the first safety net that those in recovery fall to when they begin aftercare. You and your loved one need to be able to communicate openly and freely to break the bonds that addiction has on your family.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy gives both family members and the client an opportunity to come together and discuss how addiction affects the family dynamic. Addiction impacts everyone involved in some way, and discussing this impact can help the family unit heal. Santé Center for Healing has a five-part Family Programming. We offer family education sessions, family therapy, individualized family intensives, Family & Friends Support Group, and a soon-to-be-released Family community app.

Having a plan of action for family therapy helps clients recover and brings families back together to start healing strained relationships. Addiction often drives a wedge between family members who feel slighted or wronged by the addicted individual. Our therapists often see codependent relationships that take time to heal and evolve. Whether this type of relationship is between a married couple, siblings, a parent, and child, or even very close friends, the compassionate family counselors at Santé can help.

At Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas, we offer comprehensive services to individuals seeking addiction recovery, with a strong focus on treating professionals. We pride ourselves on providing addiction treatment with integrity and promoting wellness for the client and their family in a safe, comfortable setting.

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At Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas, we offer comprehensive services to individuals seeking addiction recovery, with a strong focus on treating professionals. We pride ourselves on providing addiction treatment with integrity and promoting wellness for the client and their family in a safe, comfortable setting.

Evidence Based Treatment

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If you’re struggling with addiction, you’d want to know that you’re working with the best team to help you get better. Santé employs a talented, tenured staff of psychiatrists, addictionologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, and Masters level therapists. Each member of our clinical team is EMDR trained and all have additional credentialing including CSAT, gambling treatment, relapse prevention, and more. Let our expertise give you the peace of mind that you need in treatment.

DBT treatment, one-on-one counseling, and group therapy are all important components of addiction recovery. We work each one of these treatments into our clients’ therapy regimens to give them best chance of lasting recovery. Additionally, since every client has a different story, our staff individualizes each treatment plan to customize treatment for their specific needs. Our experienced nursing staff and mental health technicians are onsite 24 hours/day. These approaches help us better diagnose our clients so we can meet their needs and customize treatment plans.

In addition to the therapies mentioned above, we also offer:

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Holistic and Experiential Therapy

Often, evidence-based treatments alone aren’t enough to help individuals achieve sustainable sobriety. Because of this, we also incorporate both holistic and experiential therapies into our curriculum.

Our treatment is heavily based on the 12 step program, which includes a spiritual component. We believe that spirituality, not necessarily religion, is an important part of recovery. Studies show that incorporating spirituality into one’s addiction treatment plan greatly increases the probability of having a lasting recovery from the disease of addiction, hence the reason why a majority of treatment centers offer a 12 Step or spirituality component. Addiction robs us from experiencing the essence of life, the ability to experience true joy and happiness, the ability to have value in relationships, and the ability to have a spiritual connection, the ability to live free. Spirituality is a proactive journey of mindfulness, allowing us to connect to something greater than ourselves, it is a support, and ultimately spirituality can be the catalyst that allows us to truly feel and experience the joys of life that the disease of addiction had taken from us.  However you identify spirituality, you’ll find growth at Santé.

Experiential therapies help our clients find hobbies and ways to enjoy themselves outside of addiction and are popular elements of our recovery programs. Through these types of therapy, our clients have the opportunity to focus on something that they can enjoy for their whole lives. Furthermore, it helps to take their minds off their addiction and focus on being present in the moment.

Nutrition and overall physical well-being are integral parts of recovery as well. We have a licensed dietitian on staff to help clients learn how to eat right and take care of themselves through nutrition counseling. We also offer high and low ropes courses as well as grounds that promote exercise in a natural, serene environment.