ADHD, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, can cause significant problems, even leading some people to need ADHD treatment alongside addiction treatment. If you’re dealing with this common mental health problem, then you struggle to manage impulsive behavior, attention, energy, social activity, and work. Many people continue suffering from childhood through adult years without the medical help they need. In many cases, substance abuse begins in self-medication of tiring symptoms and an attempt to live a normal life.

a man talks to a counselor in his ADHD treatment programIf you suffer ADHD with addiction, then only a dual diagnosis treatment program meets your specific recovery needs. Otherwise, just treating your addiction leaves the cause for your self-medication active. If you treat only your ADHD, you continue abusing drugs or alcohol. Untreated conditions drive the treated one into relapse.

Good news for anyone suffering both ADHD and addiction is that you can get the help you need. An ADHD treatment program provided by a quality addiction detox and rehab center provides complete recovery and healing for a stable, productive, and fulfilling future. Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas provides this ADHD treatment for adults just like you.

Understanding Your ADHD and Addiction

ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a neurological disorder. Most people with this disorder develop it in childhood. However, left untreated, the condition continues causing problems in daily life into your adulthood.

Symptoms of ADHD include the following:

  • Inability to pay attention, listen to others, or finish tasks
  • Constant physical activity or hyperactive behavior
  • Problems with organization or responsibilities
  • Frequently losing personal items
  • Forgetfulness and easily distracted
  • Fidgety, uncontrolled, and impulsive behavior
  • Feeling unable to achieve life goals like others

People with ADHD experience higher likelihood to abuse drugs or alcohol as compared to others without the disorder. This substance abuse takes place to control symptoms. For some people with ADHD, stimulant medications designed to treat their disorder leads to addiction. When you suffer both ADHD and addiction, the cycle of these two conditions feeding each other is hard to break.

You Need Addiction and ADHD Treatment

You’re not alone in your need for individualized treatment helping both of your disorders at once. This dual diagnosis treatment addresses your mental health and substance abuse problems all at once, for a real chance of long-term sobriety.

Your addiction and ADHD treatment must meet your individual needs. Individualized treatment planning includes an array of talk therapies, nutritional support and guidance, educational sessions, and other methods. Together, these approaches create a path to healing and recovery for a better life.

One of your biggest challenges in ADHD treatment and recovery is the use of medication for your mental health condition. ADHD medications can be habit-forming. These drugs work well when properly used. However, someone with substance abuse problems can easily fall into old patterns after recovery if they return to their ADHD medication.

Your dual diagnosis ADHD treatment program focuses on specific goals. These include changing your thoughts and behaviors away from those leading to substance abuse. You need improved self-esteem and motivation toward life goals. Of course, you also need relief from many of your ADHD symptoms.

At the same time, you must learn about your substance abuse, triggers, and temptations. You learn to prevent relapse and manage your impulses. Your family engages in treatment with you, also learning about your needs and how to build a stronger family unit.

Argyle, Texas Treatment for ADHD and Addiction

Your dual diagnosis addiction and ADHD treatment program takes place at Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas. Therapies and programs at Santé Center for Healing include the following:

At Santé Center for Healing, you learn about your addiction, triggers, mental health, and relapse prevention for long-term recovery. Learn more about available addiction and ADHD treatment in Argyle, Texas by calling 866-238-3154 now.