Addiction treatment is not a cure for addiction. It is your pathway to recovery, during which you will sometimes feel vulnerable and anxious. A quality rehab program knows you should expect these times. This is why the best treatment programs offer an alumni program.

Why Relapse Happens in Recovery

Group of people with hands up celebrating sunset at alumni program

Early recovery is full of risk of relapse. Such risks include:

  • Stress of everyday life and unexpected stress
  • People you used with and places connected to your substance abuse
  • Negative emotions like guilt, doubt, anger or fear
  • Loneliness
  • Celebrations and holidays

The above risks frequently lead to substance abuse, for people still stuck in the cycle of addiction. They are also dangerous triggers for relapse in those new to recovery. By being in an alumni program, you celebrate in healthy ways, engage with peers in recovery and get to know how others are dealing with the struggles of recovery.

Early recovery is also a time with its own stress. This stress comes from your desire to avoid relapse. Some tips for avoiding the stress of your first months in sobriety include remembering that sobriety is not easy for anyone and that not everyone in your life will understand your sobriety. You should avoid people unsupportive of your recovery and keep a positive attitude because it always gets better. You should also bear in mind that losing past drug use partners is not a negative. Asking for help means you are taking care of yourself. Complacency is dangerous.

How an Alumni Program Will Help You

Alumni program directors work hard to create a healthy community for recovering individuals and their loved ones. You can use your alumni program to learn accountability while gaining and giving support among peers in recovery. You can count on this support system when you need it most.

By participating in alumni social programs, you enjoy healthy celebrations and enjoyment of life’s many offerings, drug and alcohol-free. Alumni programs typically provide helpful services like calls for follow-up, volunteer opportunities, 24-hour helplines, aftercare programs and exclusive events.

Many rehab centers host free monthly events for members of the alumni program. They also encourage participation in other supportive and social activities.

When you are in a substance abuse treatment program, you are introduced to the rehab’s alumni offerings. You may think you don’t need this support or socialization, at first. But once you return to your daily life at home, having the chance to strengthen your recovery with alumni activities is supportive time you will cherish.

Learn More About Your Rehab’s Alumni Program Offerings

The first months after rehab are particularly important toward lasting recovery. In these early stages of life without substance abuse, having programs for alumni at your disposal is helpful. Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas provides quality rehab treatment and comprehensive programs for after rehab, too.

Santé Center for Healing treatment programs include:

Santé Center for Healing wants individuals completing treatment to enjoy full lives in recovery. The facility’s aftercare and relapse prevention program provides education to prevent relapse, identify signs that relapse is coming and learn how to live without shame or guilt.

The facility’s alumni connection services include ongoing education and support for continued success in recovery. Alumni Coordinators work to keep communication flowing to meet alumni needs.

If you or someone you love need comprehensive addiction treatment with quality support continuing through transitional living, in aftercare, and through recovery with alumni support, Santé Center for Healing provides the right treatment for you. Call Santé Center now at 866-238-3154 for more on how to get clean and sober and stay that way.