Why Santé?

Joining the Santé Center for Healing team means you believe in the value of providing life-long recovery to individuals and their families looking for hope, health and healing. Integrity and quality are Santé’s cornerstone, part of everything we do as a company and for fellow colleagues. As a Santé employee you know the work we do today and tomorrow has the potential to deeply and powerfully impact families for generations to come.  Our campus is a place where inclusion and diversity are more than buzzwords, a place where life/work balance are practiced and cherished. How? Santé team members are passionately and consistently committed to each other and those we have the privilege to serve; Santé is committed to our employees. Read on for more information about employee engagement, generous benefits, opportunities for growth, currently open positions and more.

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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Current Open Positions

Our ideal candidates are confident, compassionate, self-motivated and team-oriented professionals looking to grow and succeed with the internationally renowned Santé Center for Healing. Whether you find your place within Business, Clinical, Culinary, Facilities, Intake/Admissions, Medical, Marketing or Technology, you will experience a collaborative addiction treatment team environment. Many of our current employees have built their careers at Santé moving into different positions as opportunities become available. See if any of our current career openings intersect with your experiences and expertise.

Note:  We require all applicants have two years of being clean and sober before applying for employment at Santé.

Mental Health Technician

This position provides vital support services to the Treatment Team by monitoring the patients’ safety, assisting with admissions of new patients, interacting with the patients, and providing documentation on patient activities.

Accounts Receivable

This position provides support services to the operations of Santé Center for Healing by obtaining finances through private pay parties and insurance companies for the patients receiving treatment at our facility.

Outpatient – Licensed Professional Counselor

This individual is responsible for individual and group therapy with patients in the Intensive Outpatient, Transitional Living and Community Based Services Programs.

Expression of Interest for Future Consideration

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 The Santé Advantages

These are a few of our many employee advantages:

  • a professional and yet family-like environment
  • a supportive culture
  • be part of traditional and innovative approaches for a variety of addiction and dual-diagnosis scenarios
  • exceptional communication and ongoing training
  • accessible and approachable executive leadership shaped by numerous educational, professional and personal experiences
  • a strong “promote from within” career enhancement opportunities
  • encouragement in continued education, certification and other professional coursework
  • a commitment to Santé staff and their families through wellness programs and comprehensive group insurance benefits (medical/ dental/vision/accident/prescription drug plans, flexible spending, life insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, health club membership), through compensation (competitive salaries, 401(k) savings and with employer matching plan, annual performance review process)  and through work/life balance initiatives (generous vacation and sick leave accrual, holidays, employee assistance plan,  lunch provided on site)
  • employee engagement, including (but not limited to): Bonton Farms volunteer day; supplying supplies for students attending and graduating from Serenity High School; collecting formalwear and suits for the BuzzFreePROMises Dress & Tuxedo Giveaway; Santé team in NEDA Denton Walk; campus volleyball game (staff vs. clients); Field Day complete with snow cone truck; softball tournament with Santé alumni; quarterly all-employee appreciation luncheons; annual holiday party and staff recognition; Power of One program where employees donate $1 from each paycheck to aid fellow Santé employees who have unexpected crisis; donation of linens and household goods to Refuge for Women

Benefits for Employees Working at Least 32 hours Per Week:

  • 4 Weeks PTO (rate of accrual increases with tenure)
  • 9 Paid Holidays
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Short Term/Long Term Disability

Benefits for All Employees

  • Simple IRA with Company Match
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 Hear from Santé Employees

“I am honored to be part of this organization and humbled to share this experience with such gifted and passionate people. I would love to take the time to share all of the wonderful stories of recovery, moments of humor and how much we have grown while keeping our sense of family, but I won’t write that novel now. I will share now that Santé’ is a family member to me. My first child was two months old when I started at Santé and my children have been raised with Santé as part of their lives. Santé is part of me, and I cannot express how truly blessed I feel to be part of this family. Santé is part of me, and I am grateful to be afforded the opportunity to work with individuals who are passionate about helping others heal and be witness to the miracles in the lives of those that find healing on the hill.” – Sam Slaton, M.Ed., LPC-S, MBA, MHSM (13 years at Santé)…current Santé COO, Director of Outpatient Services (2013-2014), Director of Intake & Admissions (2007-2014), Assistant Director of Intake & Admissions (2005-2007), Intake Counselor (2004-2005), Intern (2004)

“I have an opportunity every day to help others to help themselves. We are here to guide others on a path that leads to success as they pursue the road to recovery. We provide the tools that they need to make that happen. I simply encourage them along the way. As they say, ‘it takes a village.’” – Dolores Amos (8 years at Santé)…current Receptionist, Mental Health Tech III (2011-2018)

“I like working at Santé for: the multidisciplinary treatment team approach; the freedom to work with clients on an individual basis; the beautiful, natural setting including the sun rising each morning over our pond; the opportunity to see lives transformed where clients develop a healthy relationship with food and recover from chemical dependency, problematic sexual behaviors and/or trauma.” – Laura Deane, MS, LD, RD (10 years at Santé)…Dietitian

“I choose to work at Santé because I feel I am contributing to the success and long term recovery of our clients every day. I feel supported in my work and really enjoy the family environment here.” – Michelle Luttrell, MA, LMFT (4 years)…current Director of Intake & Admissions and Director of Student Training, Director of Intake & Admissions (2015-2016), Assistant Director of Intake & Admissions (2014), Intake & Admissions Counselor (2013)

“Having lived and worked in the DFW area for the past 15 years, I was familiar with Santé’s name and reputation long before I came aboard as Medical Director. Santé is known throughout North America for providing state of the art treatment for various forms of addictions and mental health issues. Our diverse array of staff – psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, nurses, psychologists, therapists, dietitians, and mental health technicians-are known not only for being experts in the field, but also for having the utmost compassion and respect for the clients we treat. At Santé we truly care about our client outcomes and do everything we can to provide the structure, support, knowledge, coping skills, and medical/psychiatric expertise necessary for long-term recovery. All of this is provided in a beautiful residential treatment setting that is unsurpassed by any other facility in the North Texas area.  Santé intentionally holds itself to a higher standard than any other treatment center. We believe in recovery and never give up on our clients!” – Melissa Pennington, DO…Medical Director since 2016

“I enjoy working at Santé because I feel purpose working in the addiction field. More specific to Santé I enjoy the environment. I enjoy working alongside the people here. Working at Santé (or in this field in general, I believe) can be very challenging and even frustrating at times. The frustration never lasts long and is always replaced with laughter, lightheartedness, gratitude and satisfaction.” – Brian Simpson (3 years at Santé)…current Aftercare & Alumni Coordinator, Referral Communications & Aftercare (2015-2016), Mental Health Tech (2014-2015)

“I enjoy the people, the relaxed environment, and the work we do here.” – Renee Stone (11 years at Santé)…current Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, Nurse Supervisor, Night Nurse

“Working at Santé was an amazing opportunity that fell in my lap at a perfect time in my life; I really did not know what to expect. My experience was in bookkeeping, payroll and insurance.  When I accepted the position in Accounts Receivable, I knew the opportunity to become the Business Office Manager would be available in the near future. The department has evolved over the years in order to better meet clients’ and family needs; I’m proud to be part of that.” – Sarah Cosgrove (13 years)…current Director of Finance, (2004-2017)Business Office Director, Business Office Manager (2004-2012), AR Representative (2003)

“I enjoy working at Santé because I see the transformation that takes place in a client between the time that they checked in and the time they discharge. I know in some small way I helped make that possible.” – Keri Gonzalez (3 years)…current Human Resources Director. Human Resource Assistant

“If you’re looking for a place where the hours you invest in your work completely matter, look no further than Santé. Expect to learn from and work alongside supportive colleagues, to be stretched and motivated by Santé’s life-saving mission, and to evolve into a better professional – a true contributor to this world looking for hope, health and healing. When asked what their mother does, my children respond that I’m a “community helper” due to my work at Santé. What could be better?” – Hollie Higgins (5 years)…current Business Development Director, Assistant Director Business Development (2015), Regional Marketing Coordinator (2012-2015)

“I enjoy working at Santé because I am constantly learning, growing, and being challenged to dig deeper both professionally and personally. I also love the people I work with, and believe they make all the difference in the attitude even on frustrating days. And you can’t beat the view!” – Danielle Lubinger (2 years)…currently CBS Account Specialist, Mental Health Tech (2015)