By signing up to be an Alumni Support Contact, you are signing up to be an available resource for new alumni just leaving Santé Center who may live near you, to be called on by current community members while in treatment to act as a temporary sponsor or support tool (when designated by the Treatment Team) and/or called on by intake to help in an intervention of a new potential client. If at any time you wish to be removed from this Alumni Support Contact List, you may do so easily by contacting McKensey Coit at 940.464.7222 or Thank you for your service to others in the beginning struggles of new recovery!

Requirements: In order to be an Alumni Support Contact you must have 6 months of continuous sobriety, and a willingness to help the still sick and suffering.

“There’s just this warm feeling. Coming back home. Feel like you belong here. The memories come flooding back…”

  • Upon submission you will be contacted by Sante Center for Healing's Alumni Coordinator to confirm that your information has been received. Please respond accordingly.