When you decide to stop using drugs, it’s difficult to find an effective starting point to your recovery. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a college student with a drug problem. Finding that first stepping stone to recovery is hard, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn why drug detox should be the first step on your path to recovery.

What is a Drug Detox?

Woman Who Benefitted from Drug DetoxMany individuals remain uninformed about the drug detox process. It’s a medically supervised process that allows your body to undergo withdrawal. Because there’s a chance of moderate to severe side effects, medical supervision makes the most sense. It keeps you safe and ensures your physical comfort.

Trying to undergo this process without medical supervision can be dangerous. For starters, consider that if you could just stop using, you would’ve already done so. Secondly, remember that there’s a chance of physical side effects. Although it’s true that drug detox can be unpleasant, there’s no reason why you should have to suffer pain in the process.

At Santé Center, medical experts monitor your vitals and administer medications if needed. Doing so allows your body to remain healthy and fight off long-term substance abuse effects. Regaining equilibrium in a supervised setting also ensures that you stand firm in your resolve not to use again. After all, detox is the first step of recovery, and it gets your mind ready for rehab.

From Drug Detox to Rehab

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of detox. Undergoing the process helps you build self-confidence and creates readiness for the next set of addiction treatment programs. These include:

  • Dual diagnosis management for program participants who suffer from addiction as well as a mental illness
  • Poly-addiction counseling that benefits individuals with multiple substance abuse problems
  • One-on-one talk therapy that seeks to undo negative thought and behavior patterns
  • Vocational counseling for specific program participants
  • Trauma treatment that helps you discover the “why” behind your drug addiction

When talking about addiction treatment, experts and others spend a lot of time discussing the various therapy options after withdrawal. But what happens when you’ve already completed your detox phase?

After Drug Detox

If you’ve completed a detoxification program, your next step is entering the rehab phase. At Santé Center, our multiple levels of addiction treatment services allow for a fully customized treatment approach. Moreover, the therapies you participate in should concurrently focus on your mental as well as your behavioral health. Options for this level of care include:

  • Residential treatment that allows you to live at the facility and spend your day in therapy and recreational pursuits
  • Intensive outpatient treatment that follows a residential stay with continued care
  • Family support groups that make it possible for family members affected by your drug use to receive assistance
  • Transitional living that lets you enjoy hands-on support as you ready yourself to return home and take up responsibilities again
  • Relapse prevention that helps you to notice dangers of slipping or new stressors

Even here, there’s still plenty of room for personalization. Treatments take into account where you’re currently at and what your goal is for the future. For example, you may be a professional who wishes to return to your practice while also reintegrating into your family. For someone else, the goal may be lifelong sobriety after struggling with years of substance abuse.

Do You Need Help with a Substance Abuse Problem?

Are you struggling with an addiction right now? The right mix of modalities can help you heal. At Santé Center, you have the unique opportunity to undergo detox and rehab at the same venue. Call us today at 866-238-3154.