No matter which drug addiction you struggle with, the first step to recovery is always detox. The same is true when suffering from alcohol addiction. At Santé Center For Healing, we understand the importance of alcohol detox. We strive to create a customized experience that our clients can count on.

Why Should You Seek Professional Alcohol Detox Services?

Doctor Explaining Alcohol Detox Process to ClientDuring an alcohol detox, you’ll likely experience harsh withdrawal symptoms. Without professional guidance, it’s easy to fall victim to relapse halfway through detox. Sometimes the symptoms are so harsh that they cause physical harm. In these cases, seeking detox services is a matter of safety.

Santé Center strives to keep you healthy and happy during alcohol detox. Part of keeping you happy includes monitoring your withdrawal symptoms, which may include:

  • Sleeping problems
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in mood or behavior
  • Seizures

The severity of the symptoms varies depending on the length of your alcohol addiction. For example, withdrawal can lead to hallucinations and even death for some people. We urge everyone to seek professional help.

Alcohol Cravings

Having alcohol cravings during detox is normal. Addiction makes the body crave alcohol and will feel like it’s shutting down without it. These cravings are typically enough to make most people relapse. At Santé Center, we can help you manage these alcohol cravings.

Our facility offers 54 beds, and we put a focus on offering an intimate setting. We always have enough people on staff to give you the one-on-one support that you need. We also know that privacy is important while you focus on recovery. Our staff members take privacy and comfort very seriously.

Physical Agitation

At Santé Center, we’ve noticed that some people experience physical agitation during an alcohol detox. Increased heart rate and sweating only exacerbate the situation. However, failure to cope with these feelings can cause even more issues. We work with our clients to limit your physical agitation during the process.

Getting to the Root Cause of Your Addiction

At Santé Center, we want to not only help you overcome addiction, but also make sure that you avoid relapse. Our compassionate professionals will help you provide a strong foundation for your entire rehab experience. To create this strong foundation, we offer addiction therapy as part of your detox treatment.

Trauma therapy can play a major role in your recovery. The goal is to uncover hidden issues that may trigger your alcohol addiction. Dealing with the trauma is the only way to fully overcome it. Since many people use alcohol to mask trauma, it’s important to deal with these issues.

Let Santé Center for Healing Help You Overcome Addiction

At Santé Center, we offer more than just alcohol addiction treatment programs. Our range of addiction detox services includes:

Santé Center puts a big focus on support from family and friends. We offer educational sessions for family members, such as Intro into Addiction and Family Assistance. The goal is to teach family members more about what addiction is and how they can help. In most cases, we try to do family and friend support groups three times a week.

We also provide information to prevent relapse. Our educational courses teach you about trigger warnings, addiction, and diseases. Understanding triggers can help you spot warning signs before they tempt you to relapse.

Don’t live another day with the threat of alcohol addiction hanging over your head. Call Santé Center For Healing today at 866-238-3154 for more information.