For Over 20 Years Santé Center For Healing Has Been

Helping People Live Healthier Lives

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of alumni survey respondents (at 365 days post-treatment) reported they are in recovery (2020 Q1)
of 2020 Q1 alumni reported they were very satisfied or satisfied with our treatment program
of 2020 Q1 alumni reported there were very satisfied or satisfied with our facility

We Will Never Give Up on Our Clients…Our Goal is Long-Term Recovery.

The Mission of Santé Center for Healing is to address addictive behaviors and associated conditions with an integrated addiction treatment model, drawing from traditional and innovative approaches. Our services are open to individuals and families who seek recovery from addictive behaviors, with a focus on treating the addicted professional. We provide treatment with integrity, promoting wellness for the client, family and public in a safe and pleasant setting.

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Offering A Road To Recovery

“I have worked with addictions and eating disorders for twenty years, and referred many clients to inpatient treatment, continuing to work with them when they returned. I have never enjoyed such on-going communication with my client’s inpatient treatment team, and found myself so well informed to make a seamless transition when the client returned. I am impressed, Sante, and I thank you for the excellent work that you did with this client who was stuck in very difficult dynamics and beliefs. I truly believe that she now has the tools and determination to maintain all of the success and recovery that your staff helped her to discover. I knew that she was capable of such a major transformation. Your team made it possible. Thank you!

– Connie Fox, PhD, EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist from Oklahoma City

A Warm, Inviting Environment in Argyle, Texas

Our beautiful campus sits atop one of the largest hills in the county and expands over 16 acres, offering serene settings and large decks with beautiful scenic viewpoints.

Do you or a loved one have an addiction?

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What does your/their use look like?

How long have you/they been using?

When you/they don’t use are withdrawal symptoms experienced?

Have you/they tried to cut back or quit but been unsuccessful?

Questions to ask about a Potential Treatment Program

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What is the addiction treatment philosophy?  

Does the program have therapists who have been trained and certified in different types of therapy?

Does the program offer different types of therapy?

Does the program offer family therapy?

Why Right Now Matters

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“The hardest thing on earth is to choose what matters.” ~ Sue Monk Kidd

What matters? Health, wellness, safety, healing, hope, family, the present, the future…and absolutely YOU!  Santé won’t give up on you or your family…no matter the time of year, TODAY can be the first best day of the rest of your life!Access to a free therapist consultation awaits you; they’ll join you on this first step towards healing.

Our payment options are as unique as our treatment

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Santé’s financial options are as diverse as our treatment plans. We work with all insurance companies, behavioral health finance companies, utilize financial assessments with all prospective clients and even offer payment plans. We’re always working to get people into treatment, to the help they need.

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