Bearded man at computer taking pills may need benzo addiction treatment.Benzodiazepines, also known as benzos, rank among the most abused drugs in the nation today. Commonly called tranquilizers, benzos do have legitimate medical uses. Physicians typically prescribe benzos for conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, seizure control, muscle relaxation or alcohol withdrawal. The most familiar brand names for benzos include Ativan, Ambien, Klonopin, Xanax, and Valium. If you are abusing any of these prescriptions, you may need benzo addiction treatment.

Benzos affect a person’s central nervous system, resulting in feelings of sedation and reduced levels of anxiety. Chemical signals in a user’s brain communicate feelings of joy, pleasure or reward. However, due to their addictive qualities, benzos frequently lead to abuse. As a result, benzo addiction treatment has become one of the most common forms of drug addiction rehab throughout the country.

How Benzo Addiction Occurs

The people most at risk for requiring benzo addiction treatment are those who don’t follow doctors’ orders. Using the drugs as prescribed will rarely result in addiction, according to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Unfortunately, some people hoard pills, take doses that are too large or mix benzos with other substances. This type of behavior can lead to devastating addiction problems.

Benzo addiction treatment is readily available for those who need it. Treatment typically includes inpatient or outpatient plans, cognitive therapy, and dual diagnosis counseling to take a look at issues requiring prescription benzos in the first place. The best treatment takes place under the care of experienced professionals in soothing, comfortable environments.

Benzo Addiction Treatment

If you or someone close to you needs benzo addiction treatment, Santé Center for Healing may have the perfect solution. The caring staff at Santé knows that successful addiction treatment outcomes demand an individualized approach. Blending our poly-addiction treatment with evidence-based practices, the clinicians customize a treatment plan for each client.

The staff at Santé Center for Healing includes nationally renowned experts in addiction, trauma, and psychological health. They pay close attention to each client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. They also know that a truly successful program extends past the time of the guest’s discharge. A strong alumni program and education events top our list of aftercare services.

A Quiet Retreat

Santé Center for Healing offers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere for people seeking benzo addiction treatment and other rehabilitation services. Our residential facility is licensed for 54 clients but often the numbers are smaller encouraging a more intimate rehab experience.

Just an hour’s drive from Fort Worth or downtown Dallas, Santé Center for Healing is a world apart. Guests will find a full range of addiction and recovery services, including:

At Santé Center for Healing, the professional staff has many years of experience in treating addiction issues. The clinicians embrace a simultaneous treatment of dual diagnosis and poly-addiction, which aims to identify underlying trauma behind an addiction. Under this model, the staff addresses each client’s unique addictive patterns and co-occurring symptoms. In addition to benzo and other drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we have a program specifically geared toward professionals.

The philosophy of treatment at Santé emphasizes an individualized, personal approach. The psychological, physical and chemical aspects of addiction form a complex relationship. By focusing on all facets of a client’s addiction issues, the program is designed to treat the “whole person.” A genuinely holistic approach is beneficial during treatment as well as for sustained recovery after leaving.

Do not let your issues with benzodiazepines or other substances negatively affect your life. If you are struggling with addiction, contacting a quality rehabilitation facility can get you on the right path. Call Santé Center for Healing at 866-238-3154 today, and we’ll help you begin your healing process.