At Santé Center Recovery, we don’t believe that a “one-sizes-fits-all” approach to drug addiction is good. While it’s true that people with drug addiction have many similar issues, their personalities are different. The reason why they develop a drug addiction in the first place is different. Because of these variations, we believe that it’s important to create custom drug treatment plans for everyone.

What Are Some of the Drug Addictions That We Treat?

an exterior shot of Sante drug addiction rehabSanté Center Drug Addiction Rehab is proud to offer a wide range of drug addiction treatment programs. Along with rehab, we offer on-site medical detox. Our goal is to ensure that our clients get the help that they need from one place. Some of the different drug addictions that we treat include:

In terms of prescription drug addiction, we offer help for a variety of meds. For example, we help people who suffer from painkiller, stimulant, antidepressant and depressant prescription addictions. Each of these addictions requires a different approach. We can customize plans to fit our clients’ individual needs.

We also offer dual diagnosis treatment for people who suffer from other mental disorders. It’s common for people to have another mental illness when when they suffer from addiction. Our dual diagnosis treatment program ensures that they receive treatment for each condition.

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Residential and Intensive Outpatient Programs

Not everyone needs the same level of care, so Santé Center Recovery offers both residential and intensive outpatient programs. As part of our mission to offer a customized experience, we use a mix of these two approaches. Combined with our other treatment options, it’s easy to see how we create unique treatments that people won’t find anywhere else.

Residential treatment delivers more support and attention than an outpatient program. It’s perfect for people who struggle with addiction or find themselves in bad environments. Intensive outpatient programs allow people to stay outside of the treatment facility.

It’s important to note that most people don’t start in intensive outpatient programs. They typically undergo residential treatment first and then use intensive outpatient programs to re-enter society. During this time, they still have full access to our friendly and caring staff.

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Every Drug Treatment Should Start With Detox

No matter the drug addiction that people want to overcome, detox is always the first step. While some rehab centers make people seek detox support at other facilities, Santé Center Recovery offers in-house medical detox services. We can help people detox from all of the same drugs for which we offer addiction rehab support.

Studies show that detox is an important step in any rehab experience. It allows people to clear from their bodies all of the toxins that drugs leave behind. During this process, our staff keeps a close eye on our clients to ensure that they remain comfortable and healthy. The goal of any detox program is to build a strong foundation for drug rehab.

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Choose Santé Center Recovery for Your Drug Addiction Needs

At Santé Center Recovery, we value honesty, integrity and open-mindedness. These are core values that all of our clients deserve to be shown. As part of our ongoing effort to provide full support, we offer a number of drug treatment options, including:

We believe in supporting you even after you leave treatment. We offer an alumni program to keep a line of communication open. You’re not alone after leaving rehab. We’ll remain here as a pillar of support when you need us.

Learn how our focus on individual treatment plans separates us from all of the other drug rehab centers out there. Let us lead you down the path to recovery. Contact Santé Center Recovery today at 866-238-3154 for more information.