Professional Health Program

Professionals, like all people, are susceptible to the disease of addiction. Most professionals are faced with an environment in which they are expected to do more in less time, know more, lead others, and accept liability in an atmosphere that seems less respectful and often differs from their expectations during training. 

The unique challenges that professionals, and specifically licensed professionals, face combined with the personality traits it takes to get through rigorous educational and training processes can lead to a higher risk for substance use disorders, behavioral addictions, or disruptive behaviors. 

At Santé Center for Healing, we work closely with all involved to ensure a coordinated effort across the continuum of care with maximum communication and most importantly, the professional’s recovery.

If You’re A Professional in Need of Help 

Professionals with addiction need to be appropriately evaluated (Licensed Professional Assessment), comprehensively treated, and receive evidence-based continuing care and monitoring to ensure they are in sustained recovery and unimpaired for their professional pursuits and service. 


Expert Professional Treatment Since 1996

Professionals benefit from Santé’s extensive, quarter-century experience in working with professionals and creating individualized programming unique to the needs of each. Santé offers a spectrum of services, intersecting with professional’s needs and professional expectations. 

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Licensed Professional Assessment

The Licensed Professional Assessment program, Santé Center for Healing’s more formalized program, is appropriate for licensed professionals (i.e. physicians, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, therapists) in crisis. These LPA’s (usually 3 days in length) are commonly required by a licensing board, hospital system or employer and offer a fair, precise and objective investigation of the professional. Learn more about Licensed Professional Assessments.

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Maintaining Proper Boundaries Course

In a society of changing values and greater awareness of boundary violations, patients, hospital corporations, and Medical Boards are moving towards a standardization of what constitutes professional, ethical behavior. The Maintaining Proper Boundaries course sets out to institute individual safeguards for healthcare professionals to make them less vulnerable to boundary violations. 


This is a 3-day training course providing self-assessment, knowledge, awareness, applicable tools and prevention strategies to healthcare professionals with difficulty maintaining proper boundaries with patients, colleagues and/or staff. 

The course faculty is a mixture of tenured mental health clinicians and medical experts who create a course environment conducive to open discussions and identifying next best steps for protecting healthcare professionals and their patients. This education could save a license or a life. 


At the completion for this course, participants will be able to successfully: 

  • Identify the types of unethical behaviors and boundary violations that result in litigation, difficulty with the medical boards and/or hospital corporations, or action by other licensure boards. 
  • Discern behaviors and situations where the healthcare professional is most vulnerable to inappropriate involvement with patients, colleagues and/or staff members. 
  • Recognize and develop strategies to avoid high-risk situations and ethical dilemmas. 
  • Recognize high-risk patients and identify how to avoid problematic situations with them. 
  • Identify methods to safeguard the hospital, the office and other treatment settings. 
  • Discuss the ethical and legal obligations for reporting and/or intervening on boundary violations of a colleague. 
  • View and utilize Physician’s Health Program as an advocate. 


For additional information and registration details about the Maintaining Proper Boundaries course, contact Santé’s Course Administrator, Nicole Miller, at 214-444-7343.

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“Alcohol abuse caused me to lose my medical license.  Sante helped me deal with my alcoholism and start on the path to recovery.  They also helped me start the road to getting back my career in medicine.  I had a great experience at Sante and am so thankful for my time there.  It truly changed my future.”
– Santé Medical Professional Alumni
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