entryway for Sante which has a professional health programSanté Center for Healing has earned a national reputation for treating the licensed professional since opening in 1996.

When a professional is referred or seeks treatment for a substance use disorder, behavioral addiction or co-occurring disorders, the professional is often feeling anger, shame or fear of losing everything that is important to him/her. At the same time he/she feels the loss of what started as an oasis from a complicated and stressed life. This is often how the professional enters the intake process with Santé.

The success rate for healthcare professionals when their professional advocacy group is involved is exceptional. We will work closely with the client and their physician’s health program (or equivalent organization) to assure a coordinated effort in recovery at a personal and professional level.

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Specialized Programming for Professionals

The Santé Professional Health Program starts the path to recovery with a thorough evaluation that may include both physical and psychological tests. The results of this evaluation process become the foundation for the individual treatment plans. Most professionals will require a longer length of stay in order to return to work with a solid recovery. The addiction treatment program plans outline specific recommendations regarding the treatment needed, and will include the following components designed specifically for the professional:

  • Professional’s group
  • Professional Recovery meetings
  • Formal documentation for Return to Work requirements
  • Highly trained, specialized staff with many years of experience treating professionals
  • Work closely with physician health programs (or equivalent organization)
  • Intensive family therapy
  • Aftercare plans developed with physician health program (or equivalent organization)

The Professional Health Program specializes in treating:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Executives
  • Attorneys
  • Clergy