The Mission of Santé Center for Healing is to address addictive behaviors and associated conditions with an integrated addiction treatment model, drawing from traditional and innovative approaches. Our services are open to individuals and families who seek recovery from addictive behaviors, with a focus on treating the addicted professional. Our cornerstone is integrity, promoting wellness for the client, their family, and our greater community while in a safe, serene, supported, and enjoyable environment. Santé doesn’t just treat the diagnosis- we treat the individual. The goal is long-term recovery. 

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Santé Treatment Philosophy

Individualized addiction treatment plans that include goals and objectives are created with the client, doctor, therapist, and various other collaborative sources. An integral component of our addiction treatment program is daily involvement and evaluation of each client’s progress. This is evaluated by Santé clinicians including psychiatrists, Masters level therapists, psychologists, nurses, and additional contributing team members. The joint effort to establish open, honest, direct communication between the client community and the addiction treatment team is fundamental to the healing process. Another integral component of Santé’s addiction treatment program is daily evaluation of each client to track progress. This progress is measured not just by number of days sober, but by personal goals and milestones accomplished. Santé staff prioritizes integrity, open-mindedness, communication, and trust in order to promote the best chance at recovery and long-term wellness for all clients.

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Santé Center Values

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Directness
  • Compassion
  • Mental Health
  • Respect


  • Open Mindedness