Capped man leaning against bricks anxious to find detox programs that can help.Overcoming an addiction is a process that involves multiple stages of growth, support, and care. The very first stage is detox, which is truly the starting point for lasting recovery. If you’re serious about fighting back against addiction, then a medically supervised detox is a necessity. The detox programs offered at Santé Center for Healing are designed to begin your path to health, happiness and lifelong sobriety.

Detox Programs Begin With an Evaluation

At Santé Center for Healing, the first part of the detox process is an evaluation for addiction detox services. This can take up to three days, and it is a way to determine the exact physical and emotional health of each incoming client.

When addiction treatment centers don’t begin with an evaluation, then clients all go through the same process. However, no two individuals are the same. Expecting everyone to have the same needs and issues is unwise. Thanks to an extensive evaluation, every individual client will get the care they need.

This is also a chance to share any medical or family history that might be relevant. It is also the time to bring up mental health concerns, traumatic experiences or addiction history. All of this information can be used to map out the best possible recovery plan for lasting health and sobriety.

Quality Detox Programs Ensure 24/7 Medical Monitoring and Supervision

The best detox programs will always be residential. That way, clients will all have access to 24/7 medical monitoring. Around-the-clock care is critical during detox because clients are at their most vulnerable.

During a medical detox, it is normal for individuals to experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be mild, and they might be similar to a bad case of the flu. However, they can also be severe.

When clients are monitored, their symptoms can be tracked. Unusual or unexplained changes can get attention or even emergency treatment as needed. In short, a 24/7 detox environment means better care, fewer risks, and more safety.

Pharmacological Assistance as Needed

Not all clients want or need pharmacological care during detox. However, sometimes it is a necessity. If individuals are in pain, the right medication can make all the difference.

While medications can help during detox programs, it is vital that medical professionals are on hand for the administration of pharmaceuticals. Only addiction experts know which medications can hinder recovery and which are safe and won’t worsen addiction.

If clients are struggling with dehydration, electrolyte salts or even an IV can help tremendously. If clients can’t sleep, then sedatives could make resting much easier. In some cases, pain medication might be necessary to reduce discomfort. While pharmacological care isn’t the only aspect of detox to consider, it can still be important.

Customized Treatment Plans and Accountability

At Santé Center for Healing, detox programs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Every treatment plan is unique. Plus, no two days are the same. What individuals do on Monday might be different from what is scheduled for Tuesday.

In addition to the diversity of individualized care, clients receive accountability. This means that there is always someone around to offer support and encouragement. Detox can be tough, and some people worry about the many unknowns that recovery brings. Counseling and support from experts offer peace of mind about the future and process of recovery itself.

Continuing Treatment After Detox Programs End

An alcohol or drug detox might be the first step to recovery, but it isn’t the only step. At Santé Center for Healing, ongoing treatment and continuing care are two big priorities. Once detox programs are over, clients can transition to residential treatment, intensive outpatient or outpatient rehab programs.

In these programs, long-term healing is the focus. A variety of comprehensive and individualized addiction treatment therapies methods are available to our clients. Just a sampling of these methods are as follows:

The right detox programs can kickstart your journey to sobriety once and for all. At Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas, you’ll be able to find a variety of detox and addiction treatment programs that meet your needs. Embrace recovery and the life you deserve by calling 866-238-3154 today.