This might be your first addiction treatment experience; it’s not ours. For over 25 years located in Argyle, Texas, Santé Center for Healing has helped thousands of individuals overcome addictive behaviors and take the first steps to life-changing sobriety and life-affirming recovery.

Many people searching for addiction treatment are curious about the long-term effectiveness of our programs. And though there is no industry standard on how to gage a “success rate”, we can tell you how Santé measures for success.  

Excellence is a daily and intentional journey, not a destination. Santé utilizes many channels for listening for improvement and celebrating successes – Client Satisfaction Survey (at discharge), Alumni Follow-up Survey (distributed three times within the first year of discharge), Professional Satisfaction Survey, and an Employee Satisfaction Survey, just to name a few. 

Listening to clients and alumni is mission-critical, and our Client Satisfaction Survey and Alumni Follow-Up Surveys prove that our methods work.

Highlights from this Client Follow-Up Survey:

  • 100% were still in recovery at 180 days
  • 79% were still in recovery at 60 days
  • 75% were still in recovery at 365 days

Highlights from this Client Satisfaction Survey:

The percentage of participants in this survey that said they were “very” or “mostly satisfied” in the following categories were:

  • 100% Staff
  • 100% Individual sessions with primary therapist
  • 96% Treatment plan
  • 96% Primary therapist
  • 96% Medical provider
  • 96% Nurses

“Santé – the only right choice that ever mattered.”

Getting Sober and Staying Sober, Our Alumni Follow-Up Survey

Sobriety isn’t a destination: it’s a life-long journey. In fact, getting through our multiple levels of addiction treatment services is just the start. Through integrated therapy approaches, we give clients the tools to live a productive post-residential treatment life.

Though the graphic above showcases numbers and percentages, they each represent individuals with unique stories and life experiences. Some of the associated narrative and additional contents on our most Alumni Follow-Up Surveys have included:

  • Jason [case manager/primary therapist] was great 
  • Santé was a turning point in my life and recovery journey. I greatly valued that time and would do it all over again and will if needed in the future.
  • My marriage is doing great and it’s thanks in a very large part to what I learned at Santé from Jason [case manager/primary therapist], the staff and my fellow attendees.
  • Santé saved my life!!
  • I will always be grateful for Sante. Also, I believe the neurofeedback was a game changer for me. Of course, the treatment I received from Shelley [case manager/primary therapist] & all Sante staff was excellent…
  • [My case manager] was the best counselor I have ever had! She truly helped me change my outlook on life and what it can become! 
  • I have been active in my recovery community. Giving my testimony to many and even total strangers has led to almost daily conversation on treatment and / or recovery. It’s because of that I have remained strong. I haven’t felt the urges to relapse. I still study my course work I completed at Santé, also review my artwork and journals. I have stayed close to my wife and community. Also have distanced myself from those who could harm or use me. I have had negative and emotional experiences in groups like AA. I have a hard time with just listening to the sad stories all day. I’ve chose a path that helps me focus on the positive recovery aspects. I just feel too much and it works.
  • Saved my life 
  • Miss Santé! Amazing staff! Keep it up!
  • Santé Center changed my life!
  • Changed my life forever.
  • My experience with Santé was exceptional.

While these Alumni Follow-Up survey numbers comments speak highly of our compassionate staff and evidence-based programs, we take the most pride in witnessing people who sought help succeed in sobriety. And we have the opportunity to continue the recovery journey together with Santé’s “Open Road” Alumni Program.

“This is a very important place…and it was a very important experience here.”

About Our Client Satisfaction Survey

During your stay at Santé Center for Healing, our professional, expert, compassionate, and courteous staff members will be there for support 24/7. It’s no wonder why our clients regularly give them such high satisfaction ratings.


Much of that rating has to do with our clients trusting our staff members who have proven day in and out to be committed to delivering evidence-based strategies and being present for this journey. This trust allows clients to open up and truly embrace the life-affirming possibilities found experienced within the recovery process.


Some of the associated narrative and additional contents on our Alumni Follow-Up Surveys have included:

  • Treatment Approach
  • Very good treatment.
  • Very organized and motivated. Everything was targeted to create a new environment after treatment. Very caring staff
  • Very thorough and complete, met all my expectations. Uncovered issues that I hadn’t even considered.
  • Personalized and unique approach has been the most successful results I’ve had in 15 years.
  • Santé treatment approach was amazing for meeting my needs. The group sessions and individual sessions met all the areas of growth that I was seeking.
  • Family Therapy
  • Family therapy was very educational and helpful
  • Great
  • Had one session with Andrew and was very understanding and solution oriented. 
  • “Orientation”
  • Good thorough orientation
  • Amazing staff
  • The facility’s orientation to the treatment program covered all the necessary information and provided resources. 
  • “Staff Members”
  • Great staff
  • I truly believe that staff cares about me as a person.
  • All of the case managers were concerned, caring and helpful. The techs and nurses were knowledgeable and caring
  • How would you summarize your experience at Santé? And/or what has Santé provided you?
    • Over all I am especially happy with my experience with Jason as my case manager and the team to work with a plan that benefited me the most. 
    • Overall I am completely satisfied and would recommend this to anyone
    • Overall satisfied 
    • Changed my life 
    • Very educational and helpful in getting the tools for the real world and learning about myself 
    • Staff and techs have been helpful. Case managers were great.
    • Great experience. Knowledge and understanding of my addiction. how to cope and deal with recovery
    • I have been to several treatment centers and felt the programming was one of the best I have seen.
    • Great program. Thank you! 
    • Overall, life changing. Wonderful experience, highly recommended. 
    • Freakin awesome! 
    • Very good 
    • Greatest, well needed experience of my life 
    • Excellent. Saved my life. 
    • A chance to look within and have some time to process 
    • It was a great experience where I learned about myself and worked to be more compassionate toward myself. I have a lot of education but this was the first time to study myself.
    • Great treatment 
    • I was very happy with Jason and pleased with my experience. 
    • Amazing  
    • Overall a great experience that helped me to build a firm foundation for sustained recovery. 
    • Best rehab ever it really changed my life 
    • Great, best rehab I’ve been in. Staff is great and the community were even better.
    • Excellent it made me a better stronger person and I’m very pleased with my treatment 
    • Excellent facility and staff, that can provide exceptional service for ones addiction if your engaged with fighting your addiction.
    • I have been cared for and walked through my recovery 
    • I enjoyed my time at Santé! It’s a great facility and the treatment team is very helpful with recovery. I’m very grateful to have come here and made the friendships I did.
    • Very well and I feel very confident in my recovery
    • Santé gave me the chance to get my mental health stable and begin a new phase of my life
    • I am grateful for what I have learned here
    • Santé has been one of the best experiences of my life
    • Overall good. Introspection on anger issues, attitude, temper, resentments. Prepared to do step 4.
    • Very beneficial
    • I love the classes and loved the staff. Overall my experience here has been great.
    • Amazing. I gained friends and a new family here.
    • Would have preferred a longer stay to complete Family Intensives but our situation at home prevented this. Nonetheless I felt the experience was worthwhile and potential transformative. Jason is amazing. Don’t ever let him go!
    • Went well and smoothly
    • My overall experience at Sante has provided me with a solid foundation for my recovery. I feel that I was given all the tools and resources that will assist me in being successful as I move forward into the transitional living and IOP program.
    • Awesome I learned more than I thought I would
    • Saved my life.
    • Fantastic
    • The entire experience was great for establishing a new life and habits
    • Staff and treatment are excellent. I’d recommend to anyone. Thank you kindly.
    • All was good.
    • Staff was generally knowledgeable and medical staff was helpful and demonstrated expertise in their field of training. Mental health technicians were helpful and generally seemed concerned with patient care.
    • All of the courses were beneficial to my success. Most specifically paychodrama, ropes, DBT, and shame resilenance.


Administered while discharge planning, our Client Satisfaction survey also reveals how prepared clients are due to their clinical interactions, medical interventions, family therapy, peer support and, last but not least, the discharge process. At Santé Center for Healing, our discharge process sets you up for post-treatment success. We don’t just say “goodbye.” We invite individuals into our prestigious alumni program, look at aftercare options, and even take a look to see if any additional levels of care would be beneficial towards long-term recovery.

“Felt so happy to see the same gate, though I am in such a totally different place. Though it felt familiar, I found myself reflecting on all that has changed for me (recovery, marriage saved, practicing medicine again, having children, financially stable, etc.) since I was here.”

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