Located in Argyle, Texas, Santé Center for Healing has helped numerous individuals overcome addictive behaviors and take the first steps to lasting sobriety. However, many people searching for addiction treatment are curious about the long-term effectiveness of our programs. Our client satisfaction survey is proof that our methods work.

“Santé – the only right choice that ever mattered.”

Getting Sober and Staying Sober

Sobriety isn’t a destination: it’s a life-long journey. In fact, getting through our multiple levels of addiction treatment services is just the start. Through integrated therapy approaches, we give clients the tools to live a productive post-treatment life.

Of all the numbers displayed on our client follow-up survey, we’re most proud of the fact that 100% of the participants surveyed were sober a year after finishing treatment at Santé Center for Healing. While those numbers speak highly of our compassionate staff and evidence-based programs, we take the most pride in seeing people who sought help succeed in sobriety.

“This is a very important place…and it was a very important experience here.”

About Our Client Satisfaction Survey

During your stay at Santé Center for Healing, our professional and courteous staff members will be there for support 24/7. It’s no wonder why our clients gave them a 100% satisfaction rating.

Much of that rating has to do with our clients trusting our staff members. Trust allows clients to open up and truly embrace the recovery process.

Our client satisfaction survey also reveals how happy clients are with the discharge process. At Santé Center for Healing, our discharge process sets you up for post-treatment success. We don’t just say “goodbye.” We invite individuals into our prestigious alumni program, look at aftercare options, and even take a look to see if ongoing care would be beneficial.

“Felt so happy to see the same gate, though I am in such a totally different place. Though it felt familiar, I found myself reflecting on all that has changed for me (recovery, marriage saved, practicing medicine again, having children, financially stable, etc.) since I was here.”

Get the Help You Need Today

Stop letting drug or alcohol addiction control your life. Call Santé Center for Healing today at 866-238-3154.

“The disease is what we all have in common…and events like this get me out of my comfort zone and give me the opportunity to serve.”