Santé Center for Healing has suspended all the Intensive Workshops due to campus-wide COVID precautions.

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For some people, overcoming addiction doesn’t come easy. In fact, they could struggle with it their whole lives. Because of that, they may feel like there’s no hope. At this point, intensive workshops can be very beneficial.

What Are Intensive Workshops?

a group of people participate in one of many intensive workshopsThis type of workshop provides an intense focus on a specific aspect of treatment for a few days. For example, a workshop could revolve around trauma intensive therapy. During the discussions, people spend a few days in trauma therapy.

Unlike traditional trauma therapy, though, the workshop highly concentrates on the topic. This specific workshop works hard to help people overcome traumatic events that might prevent them from making progress. Often, traumatic events lead to the development of addiction. Without dealing with them, people are unable to move forward in recovery.

Keep in mind that a trauma intensive therapy workshop is just one type of workshop that rehab centers offer. In fact, facilities can provide intensive workshops for nearly any kind of treatment. The main thing to consider is that the workshops have a strong focus for a few days.

Who Benefits From Therapeutic Workshops?

Honestly, anyone can benefit from intensive workshops. With that said, some people get more out of them than others. For instance, they’re great for those who are new to rehab because they help them focus on core issues.

However, workshops are also great for people who have stalled out during recovery. The intense focus does wonders to help them regain momentum, motivation, and concentration.

Also, it’s worth noting that some people choose intensive workshops instead of residential or outpatient care. They might need more focus than outpatient rehab can offer. However, they may not need the level of care that residential treatment offers. These workshops can provide a middle ground.

Lastly, therapeutic workshops are great for people who have been in rehab before but need further assistance. In some cases, they don’t get the attention and focus that they need during traditional treatment. Workshops really concentrate on them and provide the care that they require.

Is There a Need for Other Types of Treatment?

It seems like workshops are the way to go at any point during addiction recovery. While this is true for many people, others benefit more from traditional care. They don’t need the intense focus that these workshops provide. In fact, some people might shut down when others confront them with this type of service.

For these individuals, residential treatment is a good option. This program provides around-the-clock care and weeks of therapy rather than just days. Once they finish, they can move into an outpatient rehab program. This program offers more freedom but continues the treatment that they need.

Let Santé Center for Healing Show You the Way to Sobriety

Many types of addiction treatment therapies are available. Finding the right one to fit your needs might seem overwhelming. Thankfully, Santé Center for Healing can do the hard part for you. We can help you determine which programs will help you achieve a speedy recovery.

At Santé Center for Healing, we offer a wide range of programs and therapies. We strive to create a treatment plan that addresses your every need. We know that everyone is different, so you need a personalized schedule of treatment. Some of the services that we use to create unique treatment plans include:

Don’t let your addiction keep you from living your life to the fullest. Learn if intensive workshops are right for you. Get help at Santé Center for Healing when you call us at 866-238-3154.