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CARF Accreditation

Santé Center is proudly CARF accredited. CARF International has been accrediting a variety of health and human service providers since 1996. They are a non-profit, independent organization that operates worldwide to ensure clients receive top-notch care. In addition to accrediting qualified facilities, they also offer benefits to those that receive accreditations. Working with a CARF accredited addiction treatment facility gives clients peace of mind and confidence in their providers.

In order for us to receive our CARF accreditation, we’re required to continually work to improve quality, ensure individualized care and monitor our results. When we renew our accreditation, representatives from CARF visit the facility and conduct a survey that includes our strengths and weaknesses. We receive this survey, take the time to put together quality improvement initiatives and then must show those improvements each time we apply again. To learn more about CARF and what standards we have to achieve to maintain our accreditation, visit their site.