How to pay for treatment:

paying for rehab treatment

Santé’s financial options are as diverse as our treatment plans. We work with all insurance companies, behavioral health finance companies, utilize financial assessments with all prospective clients, and even offer payment plans. We’re always working to get people into treatment, to the help they need.

Our business office would tell you that just as Santé’s clinical team works harder than any other treatment facility to provide the best clinical care, and Santé’s business office also works harder than any other treatment facility to provide affordable financial arrangements so they can provide addiction treatment.

This aligns with Santé’s values that all individuals have worth…and are worth helping…and help is possible! Long-term recovery is possible.

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 We hope you find the method convenient to pay on any existing account you have with Santé. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our business office at 866.238.3154.