Sex Addiction Treatment Center

A sex addiction treatment center treats sex addiction like any other addictive behavior. Like other forms of addiction, sex addiction is a chronic disease that can destroy someone’s life. Individuals may quickly focus more and more of their time on the addiction and forget about other aspects of their lives. Before long, this addiction can affect the individual’s finances, family life, personal matters, career, and social life.

People know that drugs and alcohol can become addictive, but there are still many myths about sex addictions. Too many people believe that sex addiction is just someone who enjoys sex or has many sexual partners. They wrongly think that the individual merely has a high libido and does not have a real problem. In reality, someone who has a sex addiction does not actually enjoy having sex.

Over time, the individual develops an obsession with having sex. They feel a compulsion to take risks and find sexual partners. Even when they know that their behavior causes problems, they use it to escape from emotional pain, tension, and stress. They may try to stop, but they are unable to control themselves.

Because of their addiction, the individual may manipulate sexual partners or secretly have multiple partners. No one can handle having this kind of lifestyle forever. At some point, the individual will suffer negative consequences from their actions and need the help of a sex addiction treatment program.

When someone has a compulsive masturbation disorder or another form of sex addiction, they need professional help. Learn more about compulsive masturbation disorder treatment in TX here.

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What Are the Signs of a Sex Addiction?

Technically, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) does not list sex addiction as a problem that has an official diagnosis. Like many mental illnesses, a sex addiction has a list of symptoms that show up when someone has developed this problem. If someone continues to engage in their sexual activities despite negative consequences, they may have a problem.

Likewise, someone may have an addiction if they have an obsession and preoccupation with sex. This kind of obsession goes beyond just enjoying sex or seeking pleasure. The individual may lose control of their behavior and have intense urges to engage in sex. Even if they try to stop or limit their behavior, they are unable to.

Someone may need to go to a sex addiction treatment center if their actions negatively affect their life. If the individual feels unable to control their behavior, they can find help through sex addiction treatment in TX. With help, individuals can escape from their addiction.

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What Are the Types of Sex Addiction?

When someone goes to a sex addiction treatment program, they can get help for a variety of problems. A sex addiction generally involves harmful and compulsive fantasies, behavior, or thoughts. This kind of addiction may involve behaviors like :

  • Compulsive Maturbation
  • Obsessive Dating
  • Voyeurism
  • Multiple Affairs
  • Cybersex
  • Anonymous Sex
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What Causes Someone to Have a Sex Addiction?

At our sex addiction and porn addiction recovery program in TX, individuals can get the help they are searching for. A sex addiction is like other behavioral addictions such as overeating and compulsive shopping. Even when someone knows they need to focus on their work or their social relationships, they are unable to because of their addiction.

Through a sex addiction treatment center, individuals can learn about the cause of their mental disorder. Normally, a sex addiction starts with normal sexual activities. Over time, the brain develops obsessive thoughts about sex. The individual may even feel like their survival depends on continuing this behavior.

Basically, the brain’s reward system changes and preoccupies itself with thoughts of sex. The individual stops caring about interests and hobbies they once loved. Their addiction overrules everything else in their life. If they want to recover, they have to get professional help at a sex addiction treatment center in TX.

Right now, scientists do not really know why one individual instead of another individual develops a sex addiction. Many factors like trauma, a history of addiction, and an abusive past seem to play a role. In other cases, it seems like a genetic predisposition or biochemical problems in the brain influences someone’s addiction potential.

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“Sante has a beautiful facility, highly qualified staff, and do not treat patients for only their addition. I am honored to work here. Having been a resident at another rehab facility in the past, I can whole heartily say that Sante goes above and beyond to make sure their residents are getting the counseling, life skills, and addiction treatment they need to succeed in sobriety and life. I am amazed by how the business office diligently works/fights with insurance companies for residents to be covered as much as possible. Sante is not a short term, “quick fix” like so many facilities, including the one I stayed at. Those types of places rarely work. Sante wants their residents to leave here with confidence and pride, knowing they have what it takes to succeed. I cant help but imagine how much better my life would have if I had came to Sante for my treatment.”

Finding the Right Sex Addiction Treatment Center

Once someone realizes that they have a problem, the next step is to get professional help through our sex addiction treatment in TX. A high-quality treatment center includes unique programs, individual assessments, and treatment plans for each specific client. Individuals can learn more about the underlying cause of their addiction as they recover.

In a sex addiction treatment center, clients go through an initial intake process. During this stage, the treatment center learns more about the client’s needs, medical history, and co-occurring illnesses. Then, the center designs a treatment plan that matches the individual’s unique needs.

If someone has co-occurring illnesses or other addictions, the treatment center treats all of them at once. It is generally easier and more effective to treat co-occurring problems at the same time. By doing this, the center is able to reduce the individual’s chances of relapsing later on.

For many people, families and friends play a huge role in the recovery process. This makes sense because family members often play a huge role in fueling an addiction. Family members may enable the addiction by giving the individual money or support. During recovery, it is important to involve these family members in counseling and treatment programs.

Different techniques like motivational interviewing, change theory, and psychoeducational sessions help clients with the recovery process. Individuals may go to group therapy programs in a gender-specific setting. They may also receive help through skill-building, individual counseling, relapse prevention, and EMDR therapy.

With the Santé Center for Healing, you can get help through a 12-step, research-based program. We help clients through the evaluation, detox, residential, intensive outpatient, and transitional living stages of treatment. From dual diagnosis care to poly-addiction programs, we can help with a wide variety of treatment needs.

In a professional treatment program, clients can find options such as:

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At our program, no day is exactly the same for our clients. We offer many different counseling options, group support meetings, and therapies to match each client’s needs. Learn more about the programs the Santé Center for Healing has to offer by calling us at 866.238.3154 today.