Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an extremely common condition. People who have this disorder may suffer from symptoms like having compulsions and obsessions. By going to an OCD treatment center, individuals can get help with reducing these uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts and behaviors.

What Is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

An obsession is when someone has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts. If they have behaviors that are reoccurring or uncontrollable, then they suffer from compulsions. With OCD, the individual may have obsessions and compulsions that they feel an urge to do over and over again.

When someone has OCD, it can affect their school, work and personal relationships. Obsessions involve repeated urges,a doctor talking to a patient about an OCD Treatment Center mental images and thoughts that lead to anxiety. The individual may have a fear of contamination or germs. They may also have aggressive thoughts. Sometimes, they may suffer from taboo or forbidden thoughts about religion, harm or sex.

People who suffer from compulsions perform repetitive behaviors because they feel like they have to. This may involve things like arranging things in a precise way, excessive cleaning or handwashing. They may repeatedly check on things like making sure they turned off the stove or locked the door. Some people may suffer from compulsive counting.

Someone may need an OCD treatment center if they have excessive thoughts and behaviors that they cannot control. To get a diagnosis, they must spend at least an hour each day suffering from these behaviors or thoughts. These behaviors, thoughts, and rituals can cause major problems in their daily life.

Depending on their condition, these symptoms may come and go. They could get better or worse over time. Even though the individual may recognize that their behaviors do not make logical sense, they may be unable to stop themselves from doing them.

Unfortunately, OCD can also lead to a drug or alcohol addiction. Individuals may use substance abuse to calm themselves. Because of this, the best OCD treatment center Texas provides will often include substance abuse treatment programs as well.

What Does an OCD Treatment Center Offer?

At an OCD treatment center, clients can get help through a blend of medication and psychotherapy. If they have other mental disorders like depression or anxiety, the right mental health treatment in Texas can help. Certain medications like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs) can help alleviate symptoms.

Psychotherapy is extremely useful for treating OCD. Research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy, habit reversal training, and other psychotherapies are extremely useful for people who have OCD. One kind of treatment known as exposure and response prevention (EX/RP) is an effective, add-on treatment for people who have OCD.

If someone does not respond well to standard therapies, the OCD treatment center may offer other options as well. Some of the latest approaches include techniques like deep brain stimulation (DBS). By getting professional help, clients can discover the treatment options and therapies that work best for their needs.

Choosing the Right Treatment Option

Living with OCD can be challenging. Thankfully, there are treatment options available that can help simplify your life. With the best OCD treatment center Texas offers, you can take control of your life again.

To get started on your treatment, you can choose from options such as:

If living with OCD is becoming a challenge, the right OCD treatment center can help you start living your life again. For more than 20 years, the Santé Center for Healing has helped clients achieve a better quality of life. You can learn more about our range of therapies by calling us today at 866.238.3154.