Overcoming addiction doesn’t start with going to rehab, and it starts with detox. In fact, the vast majority of rehab centers won’t even accept individuals who haven’t undergone detox. Fortunately, Santé Center for Healing offers detox and rehab services at the same location. In fact, we offer a medical detox program that builds a strong foundation to support recovery in rehab.

What Is a Medical Detox Program?

Like traditional detox, our medical detox program in Argyle, TX helps people while they stop using drugs. However, medical detox takes this goal to the next level with medical supervision. While people undergo medical detox, they stay at a residential facility and receive targeted care.

Medical detox is an important part of polysubstance abuse treatment. People who struggle with drug addiction often experience painful withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs.

Those who take more than one drug typically have more severe symptoms. In some cases, they could develop life-threatening complications, especially if alcohol was one of their substances of choice.

At Santé Center for Healing, we provide a customized medical detox plan. Doing so ensures that we address the individual needs of our clients. Through this process, we can build a foundation on which they can continue their recovery.

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“The staff here is so warm and friendly. I have benefited so much from their free friends and family groups provided here. Sante has really helped me and my family out!”

What Are the Benefits of Medical Detox?

In some cases, people don’t need medical detox. They can undergo a standard detox program that doesn’t require living at a detox facility. However, others need additional support from a medical detox program. If that’s the case, what are the benefits of choosing medical detox?

Since people stay at a detox facility for medical detox, they have access to 24-hour medical support. This level of support is vital for dealing with painful and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Also, enrolling in a medical detox program limits their access to drugs so that they don’t relapse. Often, withdrawal symptoms are so painful that they start using again just to make the symptoms stop. A medical detox program prevents access to drugs in order to remove the temptation.

In addition, a medical detox center is a great choice for people who have an opioid addiction. The facility can provide medications that make the withdrawal process more manageable. Nonmedical detox centers don’t typically provide these medications.

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For more information about addiction and long-term recovery, contact a Santé Center representative.

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Detox Alone Isn’t Enough

One of the major mistakes that people make is not seeking rehab after a medical detox program. They feel better after they overcome withdrawal. While detox helps them overcome the symptoms, it doesn’t address the cause of addiction.

Because of that, detox isn’t the end of rehab. It’s the start and provides the strength that they need for rehab. It’s important to remember that withdrawal isn’t why they used drugs in the first place. Instead, there’s usually an underlying cause.

Continuing rehab after detox is easier to do at a rehab center that offers detox services. Santé Center for Healing provides both detox and mental health services in Argyle, Texas. As such, our clients don’t have to worry about transferring to a rehab center after medical detox. They can simply continue their treatment at our facility. For that reason, our center stands out among other medical detox facilities.

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Visit Santé Center for Healing to Get Medical Detox

Are you in need of a traditional and holistic therapy program in Argyle, TX? If so, visit us at Santé Center for Healing. We offer both types of recovery services so that you get the best of both worlds.

Santé Center for Healing also offers a medical detox program. However, we have so much to offer at our facility. A few of the programs and services that you may experience include:

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Don’t let your time in rehab go to waste. Get more out of your experience after you complete a medical detox program. Reach out to Santé Center for Healing today at 866.238.3154 to start your recovery journey.