The right treatment center is a facility that offers programs that people need. At Santé Center for Healing, we strive to provide a wide range of services, including an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Argyle, TX where clients transition from residential treatment or outpatient services.

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What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) offers more clinical support than an outpatient program without the requirement of a client living at a facility as they do for residential treatment. With fewer hours of therapy than a partial hospitalization program, clients have the ability to work, attend school and engage in other daily life tasks. Santé Center for Healing’s IOP provides clients with at least 10 hours of individual and group therapy per week.

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What Does Our Intensive Outpatient Program Include?

Santé Center for Healing’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers 9+ hours of group therapy led by Master’s-level clinicians in addition to 1+ hour(s) of individual therapy per week. The group therapy consists of process sessions, psychoeducation, and activities and discussions to engage clients in recovery work intended to propel them into early recovery and beyond. Client’s individual therapy sessions will be tailored to the client’s specific needs while engaging in deeper trauma processing.

While our program can be completed in 16 weeks, some clients need additional time in IOP. Each person’s recovery process looks different, and Santé accommodates that by not requiring a person to complete the program in 16 weeks. Through 16+ formative weeks, clients will work through three phases of IOP addressing a variety of addiction and mental healthrelated topics, engaging in trauma processing, learning new skills and completing assignments given by therapists. Clients can attend either the day or the evening IOP group.

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For more information about addiction and long-term recovery, contact a Santé Center representative.

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“This is a beautiful treatment center. They treat everyone with respect and are friendly. Santé’s landscape has a getaway feel to it. It has long scenic walking paths across the street from a country club. I would highly recommend Santé to anyone searching for real treatment.”

Other Components of Our Intensive Outpatient Program

We are acutely aware that that each person’s addiction and recovery process is different, thus, we take individualized care seriously. For that reason, a client’s assignments, time in treatment and clinical work will look different from each of their peers in treatment.

Rotating, specialized break out groups are offered to create a truly individualized approach to treatment that targets common issues our clients face, as well as, creating opportunities for clients to engage in processing various components about the impact addiction has on identity. These groups consist of:

Process groups: Men’s group, Women’s group, LGBTQ+ group, cultural diversity group, divorced individuals group, and parent’s group.

Process break-out groups are held opposite special topics groups so that individuals can attend as many or as few of the process groups as are pertinent to them.

Special topic groups: Relationships & boundaries, CBT/DBT skills, types of recovery meetings, shame & shame resilience, values, loneliness & isolation, identity, self-care & grounding techniques, communication, sober fun, trauma & trauma responses, gratitude, goal setting, anger, spirituality, emotions, vulnerability, resentments & accountability, relapse prevention & triggers, nutrition & healthy living, family systems & roles, community building, grief, and control.

While these topics are frequently discussed in group, special topics groups offers a designated time to dive deeper into these topics.

Other groups: Psychodrama, Problematic Sexual Behaviors (includes sex addiction), and Phoenix Group.

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Santé Center for Healing Can Provide Intensive Outpatient Treatment

When you’re on the hunt for an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) near Dallas, TX, you have a multitude of choices, sparking the question, “Which do I choose for myself/my loved one?” At Santé, we believe that our individualized treatment approach, ability to offer clients the amount of time they need in the program, in addition to our sustained history of treating addiction coupled with our intense passion for innovation in our treatment approaches, creates an excellent fit for most clients.

Beyond our residential and intensive outpatient treatment programs, Santé Center for Healing offers several unique services. Our staff members work with you to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Some of the services that you may receive include:

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Don’t just give up if standard outpatient rehab didn’t work for you. Take better control of your life through our intensive outpatient program. Contact Santé Center for Healing today at 866.238.3154 to find out what it takes to beat addiction.