Recovery is not something that is completed upon leaving our addiction treatment programs; it is an on-going process of learning and personal growth. It is important to stay connected and know that Santé wants you to succeed through your personal journey that is Recovery. 

“Open Road” is the formal name for Santé’s alumni program. This alumni program is a community of Santé alumni that stay connected with one another and participate in various ways to continue living a life in recovery. The program is a peer led network that provides support, encouragement, accountability, connection, and service to promote wellness and recovery. Our alumni program is included with your treatment at Santé and offers resources, support, events, and activities to foster community and enable life-long recovery. The alumni program has an Alumni Coordinator that exists to keep the lines of communication open between Santé alumni and the Center itself. 

“Open Road” Alumni Program Foundation

Our mission impacts and frames the program today. Our vision prepares and guides us for tomorrow. And we’re more likely to achieve each when we believe in and exude our values.

“Open Road” Alumni Program Vision

To be a valuable, lifelong recovery companion synonymous with transformative opportunities.

“Open Road” Alumni Program Mission

Amplifying recovery for Santé alumni through encouraging connections, meaningful service, relapse prevention, and recovery promotion.

“Open Road” Alumni Program Values

» Integrity

» Honesty

» Directness

» Compassion

» Mental Health

» Respect

» Open Mindedness

» Gratitude

» Responsibility

» Empathy

» Commitment

» Initiative 

» Ownership

» Innovation


Benefits of the Alumni Program

Completing treatment at Santé Center for Healing is an enormous step in the journey of recovery, but the effort to live a life in recovery doesn’t end there. Many in recovery find it challenging to acclimate back to their life outside of treatment. The alumni program can be a resource and assist those in recovery to continue to re-establish their lives in recovery successfully. The opposite of addiction is connection. The alumni program connects you with likeminded sober friends and activities that can otherwise be a challenge to find. This program enables you to build new and maintain current meaningful relationships with people that can relate, understand and support your recovery. 


The benefits of being a member of Santé’s alumni program include, but are not limited to:

  • Connection with peers who understand addiction and recovery
  • Motivation of self and others through exchanging stories of recovery
  • Membership to a supportive and collaborative environment
  • Providing and receiving guidance for maintaining sobriety
  • Establishing lifelong, meaningful connections
  • Participation in sober events and activities
  • Service opportunities 
  • Guidance along the journey to life-long recovery
  • Opportunities to apply recovery skills
  • Develop new, healthy habits
  • Deepen recovery knowledge 
  • Live out relapse prevention
  • Heal past and current relationships 
  • New relationships based on the foundation of recovery 


What opportunities are available in the Alumni Program?

Santé’s alumni program provides many opportunities to stay connected and engaged in the recovery community such as:

  • Personal follow-up calls, texts, and emails to see how you are doing and share alumni program information and support
  • Weekly All-Inclusive Alumni Support Meeting on Tuesdays at 8pm CST
  • “Open Road” App to provide recovery connection and community
  • Monthly alumni e-news to provide information and support
  • Sober events and activities such as the annual alumni retreat, road trips, Main Event, Top Golf, professional sports game attendance, escape rooms and other entertainment-based outings 
  • Community service opportunities
  • Recovery service opportunities such as becoming an Alumni Ambassador, Alumni Navigator, and 12 step Chairperson
  • Recovery leadership opportunities like serving on the Santé Alumni Advisory Board 
  • Sharing your story on various social media platforms or on a panel to provide hope and inspiration
  • Santé Center for Healing Facebook page 
  • Santé Alumni Facebook group run by Santé alumni for Santé alumni only 
  • Santé Alumni Female Facebook group, ChipChicks 
  • Santé Alumni Instagram 


Weekly All-Inclusive Alumni Support Meeting

Alumni coordinator Amy Miller facilitates a weekly support meeting via Zoom for Santé alumni only. We read the daily reflections passage for that day and then go around the group to share whatever they would like to share. 


Contact Amy Miller, Alumni Coordinator, at if you’d like more information about how to join the Tuesday night support group. 


Open Road App

Alumni E-News

An Alumni E-Newsletter is distributed monthly, with inspirational stories and experiences, alumni testimonials, upcoming alumni events announcements, and articles from Santé staff. All alumni are welcome and encouraged to send the Alumni Coordinator letters that let staff know how they are doing or stories of experiences they have had as they adjust to life after treatment

Are you an Alumni but not receiving the monthly Alumni ENewsbites? Contact Amy Miller, Alumni Coordinator, at to provide your preferred email address.


Annual Alumni Retreat

Every year, Santé hosts the Annual Alumni Recovery Retreat by kicking-off the celebration on Friday evening with an off-campus, Alumni Dinner (locations announced annually). Then, on Saturday, the event continues on-campus. This retreat offers alumni from all over the country the chance to reconvene on campus for renewal, chip recognitions, reconnection, and recommitment to their recovery. Santé Alumni, staff members and local therapists offer several experiential therapies, lectures and discussions. It is always a fun time for alumni, current clients and staff. There are opportunities for alumni to connect with current clients during 12 step meetings and meals. Many alumni have made the retreat a part of their commitment to recovery and service work. 

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Annual Alumni Retreat 2023

“Life will take on new meaning. To watch people recover, to see them help others, to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends – this is an experience you must not miss. We know you will not want to miss it. Frequent contact with newcomers and with each other is the bright spot of our lives.”
– AA Big Book, pg. 89

The Santé Center for Healing family understands that the path to recovery may not always be a straight one and would like to remind you that support and encouragement are always just around the corner. Each year, the Santé Alumni Recovery Retreat offers peers, family, and friends an opportunity to celebrate recovery and share their experience, strength, and hope with one another.

This fall’s Alumni Retreat will offer the opportunity for Santé alumni to gather with other Santé alumni who enjoy sharing what recovery has taught them while hearing what others have found inspiring and encouraging along the way. Experiential sessions provide a time for healthy challenge, personal reflection, space for processing, and opportunity for growth. Attendees can expect to gain fresh perspective, renewed mindfulness, and sincere connections to the vitality found in life-long, life-affirming recovery.

Update 10/20/2023: Registration is closed for this year.

For more information regarding the retreat, please contact Amy Miller at 800.258.4250 ext. 290 or Nicole Miller at 800.258.4250 ext. 297. You can also send them an email at

Check out the pics from previous Alumni Retreats:

“This is home again. Helps me to remember what being here means and what good experience it was. Takes time to be vulnerable.”