adderall and alcohol addiction treatment in texas

Adderall and Alcohol

Polysubstance abuse is when a person abuses or is addicted to more than one substance. Frequently, individuals struggle with this condition when they have easy access to prescription drugs and alcohol. One deadly combination is Adderall and alcohol. Adderall is a stimulant drug that doctors typically prescribe for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Alcohol…

houston, texas drug rehab center for loved one

Are Drug Rehab Centers in Houston, Texas The Best Choice for My Loved One?

Substance use disorder or addiction to drugs or alcohol is a chronic disease requiring professional support to heal and recover properly. Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual but radiates out, touching the lives of their family members, loved ones, friends, coworkers, and peers. If your loved one struggles with addiction, it’s vital to find the…

inforgraphic on the signs of acloholism

Signs of Alcoholism To Know

When it comes to addiction, many of us instantly think about illicit substances. Yet millions of people every year abuse legal substances putting themselves at risk of developing a dependency or addiction. With how prevalent alcohol is in our society, people forget about the risk of addiction that comes with drinking. However, when signs of…


Misconceptions of Problematic Sexual Behavior

Problematic sexual behavior is an ongoing, uncontrollable pattern of sexual thoughts and behaviors that prove problematic in a person’s life. This particular form of addiction or compulsive behavior is often misunderstood. Sensationalized or worst-case scenarios may make headlines – but are not the norm. Though “sex addiction” may be the more known name, there is…

cocaine withdrawal symptoms to know

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms to Know

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that in 2017, approximately 2.2 million people said they had used cocaine in the past. The use of this drug has remained somewhat constant since the 2000s, with a slight increase in the last few years. When cocaine is regularly used for a length of time, you can…

staging an addiction intervention

How to Stage an Intervention

With the rising drug epidemic in the United States, many families and loved ones struggling with addiction are also suffering from the consequences and pain of drug addiction. People close to those dealing with addiction disease often feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to getting help for those they care for. In these situations,…

trauma and addiction in texas

Connection Between Unresolved Trauma and Addiction

Many people blame themselves or their loved ones for needing substance abuse treatment and for suffering from addiction. But this substance abuse often occurs because of specific root causes. For many, there is a distinct connection between unresolved trauma and addiction. When someone struggles with substance use disorder in conjunction with a mental health issue…