person covering head with pillow experiencing Dangers of Substance Abuse

Dangers of Substance Abuse

The dangers of substance abuse can span a range of different areas of life. These can include those effects that substances have on the individual who is taking them, as well as their loved ones and society at large. Indeed, when drugs and alcohol are abused, the negative effects ripple far and wide. In most cases,…

couple listening to therapist explain Signs of Codependency

Signs of Codependency

An addiction to a substance such as drugs or alcohol is a complex matter. It not only affects the person who is using these substances, but it also affects those people around you as well. Thus, family therapy can be a necessary approach to healing. Codependency is a behavior that can occur in relationships in…

individuals suffering from panic attack while working on laptop

3 Ways to Prevent Panic Attacks

There continues to be more understanding in American society regarding panic attacks and their effects on those who have them. That being said, there is still a great deal of misinformation and misunderstandings regarding panic attacks and mental health services. Knowing how to prevent a panic attack — either yours or someone else’s — can help…

therapist explaining dbt vs cbt to patient


At Santé Center of Healing, we take the time to help our clients manage their mental health and addiction through individualized treatment plans. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are two of the most common treatment options we use in treatment. Utilizing these treatment options can give our clients the best possible chance…

individuals in group therapy holding hands

Benefits of Group Therapy

When you, or someone you love, enters substance abuse treatment, it’s typical to have both individual and group therapy. There are a number of benefits of group therapy that can help make the way to recovery easier. In addition, attending group therapy can also help you weather the inevitable bumps that recovery entails more easily.…

What Can You Hope to Achieve from a Daytime IOP

What You Can Hope to Achieve from a Daytime IOP

A substance abuse disorder can feel impossible to manage alongside your personal and professional life. It’s easy for recovery to feel the same way, but know that you have options. For many people, an intensive outpatient program (IOP) can assist you in finding that balance and maintaining focus on your recovery. A daytime IOP offers…

what do good rehab facilities offer

What Do Good Rehab Facilities Offer?

You might be afraid to admit that you have a drug problem and need help. However, you can draw strength from getting proper treatment can help you get some control. To get the right care, you should look for rehab facilities that offer services that meet your needs. Addiction treatment programs come in numerous forms.…

dallas, texas rehab center

Is a Dallas Rehab Center for Me?

Deciding to get help and recover from a substance use disorder can seem daunting. Yet once the decision is made, a world of healing opens up where addiction can be covered, and control is taken back. After you decide to get drug abuse or addiction help, you need to choose a rehab center for treatment.…

how to find great addiction treatment centers

How to Find Great Addiction Treatment Centers

Many people who struggle with addiction don’t know where to start when they decide to get help. There are hundreds of addiction treatment services and centers across the United States. How can they tell which ones offer quality care that meets their needs? Knowing what to look for and the main factors to consider when…

why drug withdrawal requires detox

Why Drug Withdrawal Requires Detox

For individuals who want to stop engaging in substance abuse, drug withdrawal can be a great obstacle. Withdrawal occurs when long-time usage suddenly stops or significantly decreases. It can also arise when a dependency has gotten too great, requiring individuals to take larger and larger doses. Withdrawal symptoms are not usually life-threatening, but they can…