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What Are Symptoms of Detoxing?

When it comes to treating addiction, detox is the first step. Once clients withdraw from their substance of choice, they may experience a number of detox symptoms. A high-quality rehab program can help break the cycle of addiction. Detox and rehab centers offer unique support for medical detox for drugs and alcohol. What Is Medical…

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Setting New Goals for the New Year

As the old year ends and a new year lies before you with blank pages and endless possibilities, your thoughts will most likely turn to personal goals for the new year. This is traditionally what people in Texas and others across the world do as well. Unfortunately, many of those people will quickly put what…


Santé Center for Healing C.E.O. Announces Retirement

Dennis Wade Announces Retirement after Twenty-Two Years with Santé’s Sam Slaton Named Successor   DFW METROPLEX, December 31, 2021—On December 22, 2021, Santé Center for Healing C.E.O. Dennis Wade officially announced he will be retiring effective December 31, 2021. This retirement follows a long and successful 22-year tenure serving as Santé’s CEO. Mr. Wade’s many…

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What is National Impaired Driving Month?

How often have you had a few drinks and gotten behind the wheel? December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, and it draws attention to this behavior. Remember that you don’t have to be legally drunk to cause an accident. Most importantly, the practice could be an indicator of a drinking problem. That’s why you…

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Before & After Process of Alcohol Detoxing

When people have been abusing alcohol for a long time, they routinely develop a dependence or addiction to it. This means that alcohol has altered their brain chemistry, making it necessary for them to drink to function normally. That’s when an alcohol detox program becomes necessary. Addiction isn’t necessarily about wanting a “high.” It certainly…

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8 Techniques to Help Stop Drinking

Whether you occasionally drink too much or have an alcohol abuse disorder, you may want to curb your intake or give up alcohol altogether. Alcohol is legal and socially acceptable, making it easier to consume more than is reasonable and potentially develop a dependency. If you find yourself or a loved one struggling with alcohol…