alcohol detox timeline

Alcohol Detox Timeline: How Long it Takes and What to Know

Alcohol detox is marked by alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which can arise within hours of the last drinking session. And while the severity and frequency of withdrawal symptoms may be different for every person, there is a general timeline that alcohol detox tends to follow. Searching for an alcohol detox program near Austin, TX? Reach out…

outpatient substance abuse treatment near oklahoma

How to Find Good Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Near Oklahoma

Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs are what most clients prefer for three key reasons. First, because they don’t require residence at an addiction treatment facility. Second, they’re also typically less intensive than other programs as well. Third, they’re more flexible when it comes to clients’ time and energy commitments. Outpatient addiction treatment programs provide clients…

what is medical detox

Medical Detox: What is it and Who is it for?

Undergoing a medical detox program is an essential first step in addiction recovery. Since some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening or cause severe reactions, medical care should be available whenever someone is going through the detox process. However, detoxification is not a “cure” for addiction. In fact, there is no cure for addiction. Addiction treatment…

what is the goal of psychotherapy

What is the Goal of Psychotherapy?

Have you been considering psychotherapy? These days, it’s not uncommon for people to talk to a therapist about problems that can seem overwhelming. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), more than 25% of American adults experience anxiety, depression, or another mental disorder each year. Others may need mental health support because of…

individual counseling for adults

Why Individual Counseling is Good For Adults

The goal of psychotherapy is to provide clients with a setting where they can comfortably, safely, securely, and privately talk about their mental health concerns. Individual counseling helps clients grow, heal, and move toward healthier and more productive lives. Excellent counseling is always client-driven. In fact, clients must work with their therapist to determine specific…

treatment for fentanyl overdose

Finding the Right Treatment for Fentanyl Overdose

When someone we care about experiences an overdose, the first instinct may be to look for substance abuse treatment options. But in some cases — particularly when they involve opioids, such as a fentanyl overdose — an overdose needs acute medical attention that may not be provided by admittance into addiction treatment programs. Fentanyl is…

reactive abuse

Reactive Abuse: What is it and Why it’s Important to Know About it

If you’ve been wondering about reactive abuse and its possible effect on your health and well-being, it may be worth considering professional help in the form of trauma treatment. Searching for trauma treatment options near Austin, TX? Reach out to Santé Center for Healing today by calling 866.238.3154 or contacting our team online. What Is…

signs of fentanyl abuse

The Signs of Fentanyl Abuse to Look Out for in a Loved One

If you observe signs of fentanyl abuse in yourself or someone you care about, it makes sense to consider professional help — even when residential addiction treatment is recommended. While less affordable, inpatient care can be the most effective way to treat some fentanyl addiction cases. Addiction is a chronic and complex medical condition that…