group thinking about getting addiction treatment

Are You Afraid Of Getting Addiction Treatment?

Are you afraid of getting substance abuse treatment? Your concern is understandable. Addiction, at best, is disorienting; at worse, it has disastrous consequences for your psychological and physical health. To be in the throes of addiction, and then to face the prospect of getting addiction treatment, adds to the pain and confusion. The good news…

rehab program for you

How To Find The Right Rehab Program in Texas

Substance abuse presents individuals and their families with many challenges. The most important step in addressing those challenges: Admitting there’s a problem. Once done, the focus of your discussion turns to finding the right drug and alcohol rehab center program for you. It’s not an easy question to answer. Substance abuse is a highly individualized…

dangers of combining substances

The Dangers of Combining Substances

Substance abuse triggers profound changes in your brain. It interferes with normal functions and, perhaps more alarmingly, clouds judgment. One of those risks common to individuals with substance abuse issues: combining substances. Abusing one drug is hazardous enough. The dangers of combining substances are even more substantial. Medicine calls this an example of “polydrug” abuse.…

man behind wheel after drinking and driving

Drinking And Driving Consequences

In our society, we are never far from a place that sells or serves alcohol. The availability of alcohol comes with consequences, especially those stemming from drinking and driving. The consequences of drinking and driving exact a high price from individuals and society. It leads to lost productivity, lost potential, and a greater cost to…