person in field greeting the sun showing freedom from addiction

Freedom from Addiction

Counselors specializing in addiction treatment are confronted daily with men and women who resemble prisoners. Some hide behind hunched shoulders, averted eyes, and mumbled or evasive answers. By contrast, others vigorously defend, deny, rationalize, and excuse the behavior that brought them here to Sante Center for Healing. Whether they are engaging in flight or fight,…

woman drinking alone at night showing signs of an alcoholic

How to Recognize the Signs of an Alcoholic Friend

An alcohol use disorder is easy to hide. Especially for individuals who have been drinking and struggling with alcohol use disorder for some time. Also, individuals often overlook warning signs that someone has a dependency or addiction upon alcohol because they don’t consider things like binge drinking being dangerous. Yet this is a form of…

black and white picture of someone enduring cocaine abuse symptoms

Hidden Cocaine Abuse Symptoms

When individuals use drugs or alcohol even recreationally, they can develop a dependency or addiction. The more potent the substance and the more frequent the use, the greater the risk of addiction. One particular drug, cocaine, is frequently used in social settings. While individuals may only use this substance on occasion, cocaine is potent and…