Man talking to therapist during individual counseling session

Individual counseling is the most popular form of therapy, including for drug addiction treatment. You can get one-on-one counseling in an outpatient setting with a private therapist (i.e. once a week in a therapist office or via telehealth), or as part of an intensive outpatient program (i.e. group therapy with more structured therapist curriculum) or in a residential or inpatient rehab program.

The treatment includes talking about your individual problems and feelings with a clinical expert. Together, you build trust and work to identify and address the cause of your stresses, addiction and/or associated behaviors. The sessions are tailored to your needs as you go.

What Is Individual Counseling?

At Santé Center for Healing, individual counseling is built into numerous levels of care.

  • Residential clients have individual therapy multiple times per week with their primary therapist. Their primary therapist is a source of great consistency, support, challenge, revelation and compassion throughout an individual’s residential level of care.
  • Intensive outpatient clients meet with a primary therapist multiple times throughout their 16 valuable and formative weeks in the intensive outpatient program.
  • Once appropriate for a less-acute level of care, clients and their families have the option to see a Santé clinician in an outpatient setting, perhaps once per week, bi-weekly or once per month as needed.


The Purpose of One-on-One Counseling

Santé Center for Healing’s master level therapists are dedicated to helping individuals identify, adapt, heal from and effectively deal with presenting problems and life’s challenges – addiction, anger, trauma, life transitions, depression, grief, problematic sexual behavior, disordered eating, gambling, gaming, compulsive behaviors, or self harm. Especially in a residential level of care, and even in intensive outpatient program, our clients seek help with life-threatening, chronic disease issues that are hard to face, address and overcome on one’s own.

In recent Santé Client Satisfaction/Service Evaluation, clients specifically commented about their individual therapy and primary therapists, saying:

  • “Overall I thought it was wonderful. I received the care I needed during detox which was crucial with me considering my history. The rooms were comfy and I had everything I needed. My therapist was absolutely incredible and I have come a far way with her by my side. Staff and nurses were always helpful and the community as a whole was awesome.”
  • “I really enjoyed my time at Santé. I believe the staff really cared about my recovery. I especially enjoyed my therapist. I think she really wanted what was best for me and helped me see it too.”
  • “The best rehab I have been to. [My primary therapist] is the best therapist I’ve ever had. Program is great.”
  • “Life changing…has given me many more tools and insights than I had after my first treatment. The therapy here is first class!”
  • “I would say it has been amazing, both the staff and peer group were welcoming beyond what I had hoped for. My case manager was everything I could ask in a therapist.”

You can hear it in our client and alumni’s words and sentiments included above; individual counseling is integral to the success of our clients as they journey towards life-long recovery and trauma resolution.


Get Extensive Addiction Counseling at Santé Center for Healing

Whether your goal is life-saving addiction treatment, chaos reduction, self-awareness, self-growth, personal goal attainment or relationship restoration, call today to learn more about individual therapy options throughout our recovery continuum of care. Call us today at 866.238.3154.