When people seek treatment for addiction and mental disorders, therapy plays a significant role in the recovery process. Most therapies fit into either individual or group therapy sessions. Both of these categories have essential roles in helping people overcome addiction. However, how does an individual therapy program work as mental health treatment?

What Is Individual Therapy?

As the name suggests, an individual therapy program is one that involves one-on-one discussions between a person and a trained therapist. Sometimes, people refer to these sessions as counseling or psychotherapy.

There are many reasons to seek an individual therapy program Dallas TX has. For example, some people like individual therapy because it provides a safe and caring environment. During the sessions, the therapist helps them set personal goals that work toward making positive changes in their lives.

The reasons why people seek an individual therapy program vary. At Santé Center for Healing, our program helps them overcome addiction and other mental health disorders. Also, we combine it with group therapy to provide the best of both worlds.

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“I have worked here for 8 years now. I find Sante Center for Healing as a small, intimate, and welcoming place. They show patients how to have a balanced and “quality” life. They transform lives and give patients every tool they need for success. I often remind the patients how incredibly brave they are for wanting a better life and showing up to make it happen. There is hope…. We can help….”

What Are the Benefits of an Individual Therapy Program?

People often wonder how they can benefit from participating in an individual therapy program. In truth, this type of counseling offers a range of benefits, but everyone is different. As such, the benefits that one person gets from the sessions might differ from the benefits that someone else experiences.

While the potential benefits are nearly limitless, a few are very common. For example, individual therapy is excellent at teaching people self-awareness. Learning this is an integral part of overcoming a majority of addiction and mental disorders.

The development of communication skills is another benefit. While group therapy builds on communication as well, individual therapy does so on a different level. In fact, it’s a great way for people to open up about themselves. It’s even more beneficial for those who have a hard time expressing their thoughts and feelings.

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For more information about addiction and long-term recovery, contact a Santé Center representative.

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Types of Individual Therapy Techniques

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program Dallas, TX offers is an vital counseling technique. It helps people identify and correct negative ways of thinking. Changing negative thoughts is essential to recovery because they often lead to destructive behaviors.

In an anorexia treatment program, clients can get dual diagnosis care and learn about how cross-addictions work. Many people have an addiction and disordered eating at the same time. Doctors call the disordered eating a co-occurring illness because it occurs at the same time as the addiction.

Often, people use drugs to self-medicate for the stress or ongoing pain of disordered eating. Some people with an addiction later develop disordered eating because it gives them a sense of control. No matter which problem began first, the client must treat both issues if they want to recover.

A good anorexia treatment program will have more than just a group and an individual therapy program. They will have treatment options available for co-occurring illnesses as well. This kind of dual diagnosis treatment starts from the first moment of rehab. Throughout the anorexia treatment program, clients get support for these dual issues

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Gain Control Over Addiction at Santé Center for Healing

Are you in need of an individual therapy program Dallas TX has to offer? Santé Center for Healing holds both individual and group sessions. Also, we offer family counseling to improve communication between family members. All of these options give you access to the tools that you need to overcome addiction.

At Santé Center for Healing, we have a residential and an intensive outpatient program Dallas TX offers. In order to bring these programs to life, we offer a wide range of treatments, such as:

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Don’t struggle with substance abuse and mental disorders alone. Find out how our individual therapy program can help you. Call 866.238.3154 today to speak to the helpful staff members at Santé Center for Healing.