Counselor and patient engaging in individual therapyTherapy is the foundation for addiction recovery. Almost every rehab or recovery program will offer a variety of treatment methods, and most of these will be some form of therapy. While they can all be helpful, none is as beneficial as individual therapy. Learn why places like Santé Center for Healing put such an emphasis on the need for intensive individual therapy sessions.

Provides Individualized Attention for Each Client

One of the major benefits of individual therapy is that it provides each client with individualized support. In group therapy or family therapy, the overarching needs of the entire group are addressed. While that can be a good thing, there also needs to be a time when individuals get one-on-one support.

Some clients face unique, highly customized needs. One client might struggle with depression and addiction that runs in the family. Someone else might be struggling with poor stress management and several relapses in the past. These individuals will have unique challenges and obstacles, and they deserve plenty of customized attention.

Addresses and Resolves Underlying Issues

Addiction develops for all kinds of reasons. While treating the symptoms of addiction might be necessary, you’ll also want to face the underlying issues that caused addiction in the first place. Often, individualized therapy is the best way to do exactly that.

Many individuals who face addiction also have a history of trauma. Through one-on-one trauma therapy, that trauma can often be resolved. That process can be tricky and sometimes painful, but it can be very helpful both for addiction recovery and an increased quality of life.

Another common underlying issue is the inability to handle stress. If a person doesn’t have a healthy way to handle stress, they might instead turn to drugs or alcohol. Part of recovery means establishing healthy ways to deal with future stress. Coping skills are different for everyone, so an individualized approach is often the best route for these.

Creates a Safe Place for Clients to be Open and Vulnerable

The process of recovery from addiction requires honesty, openness, and vulnerability. For some people, this comes naturally and is not difficult. For others, it is a challenge. The best way to encourage openness is often in a one-on-one setting.

Individual counseling or therapy sessions offer clients a safe space where they won’t be judged. There is a doctor-client privilege principle in effect and that gives individuals peace of mind as they open up. Revealing deep concerns or fears means you can get the answers and move forward, creating a pathway to true and lasting recovery from addiction.

No Way For Individuals to Coast Through Sessions

In a group environment, not all participants engage equally in the therapy sessions. Some may be active listeners, some may be eager to speak as much as possible and others won’t want to participate at all. Unfortunately, not everyone in a group therapy session will put in the same amount of effort.

Individualized therapy doesn’t let anyone coast through a session. If the session includes only you and the therapist you’ll have to engage. This allows everyone to make progress, not just a select few who enjoy the group dynamic.

Customized One-on-One Sessions

Group and family therapy sessions usually have a formal time scheduled. Even in residential treatment, it can be challenging to schedule every talk session. Individual therapy appointments take place to meet the exact needs of the client. Whether that is after work or while in residential programs, it is entirely up to the schedule and preference of the individual client.

Individual Therapy at Santé Center for Healing

At Santé Center for Healing, individual therapy is a key part of recovery. In fact, clients can expect significantly more therapy hours than in a typical rehab program. Individual sessions complement a variety of additional therapies and treatment methods, just some of which can include:

For complete and individualized recovery, individual therapy is vital. That’s why Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas, places such a big emphasis on one-on-one support. Call 866-238-3154 to learn more about the recovery process and to find a program that suits your needs.