Bipolar disorder affects many people in the U.S. with its symptoms of quickly shifting moods, behavioral problems, and changing energy. This serious mental disorder often leads people to substance abuse and addiction. Once addiction takes over, you need dual diagnosis treatment in a licensed rehab facility. This type of bipolar disorder treatment helps you regain control over your everyday life, ending your addiction and stabilizing your mental health.

About Bipolar Disorder

A woman holds her hand to her forehead as she realizes she needs bipolar disorder treatmentBipolar disorder causes many problems similar to addiction. People with this condition suffer relationship struggles, financial instability, accidents, and suicides more often than people without the mental health problem. They also experience higher likelihood for addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The American Journal of Managed Care reports that more than half of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder also experience drug or alcohol addiction. Of those abusing substances, 46% use alcohol and 41% use drugs.

Once called manic depression, this condition causes severely shifting moods, thoughts, behaviors, and energy. These swing widely from the highest highs to the lowest lows in cycles sometimes lasting for days, weeks, or even months. Due to the condition’s severe mood shifts, you find it hard to function in daily life.

People experiencing mania of bipolar disorder sometimes quit their job on impulse. They spend large amounts of money or run up high credit card debt. They sleep less when in a manic episode, then dip into a deep depression and sleep too much when feeling the pitfalls of bipolar disorder.

No one fully understands why bipolar disorder happens. However, it seems to run in families. Most people with this condition first experience it in teen years or early adulthood. Some suffer subtle changes in mood, while others suffer extremes.

In many ways, the effects of bipolar disorder look very much like effects of drug use and vice versa. This shows why many people suffer from one condition while the other goes unnoticed.

When bipolar disorder exists with addiction, this condition becomes a dual diagnosis. Under a dual diagnosis, you need both bipolar disorder treatment and addiction treatment at the same time. Otherwise, the untreated condition sends the treated one into relapse.

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Rehab

When you receive a mental health dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder and addiction, you need specialized bipolar disorder treatment. Do not fear this diagnosis, as you now have the awareness you need to treat your condition. This means you gain real hope for lasting recovery, as long as you meet your own needs on an ongoing basis. In other words, put yourself first to ensure your best mental health and long-term recovery.

Bipolar disorder treatment in rehab needs certain therapies and services. These needs include:

  • Multiple levels of care in rehab and beyond
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • On-site medical detox
  • Family therapy and family participation
  • Family and friends support
  • Psycho-education

Through Santé Center for Healing’s bipolar disorder treatment in Texas, you gain all of these services and therapies. Your whole family heals from the addiction, communication problems, and other issues by working together with your rehab. You learn about your bipolar disorder alongside your loved ones, so all of you know how to stay healthy. You also gain an understanding of when you need help in the future.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Argyle, Texas

Dual diagnosis bipolar and addiction treatment take place at Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas. Through this accredited rehab program, you regain stability in your mental health and freedom from drugs or alcohol. Programs of Santé Center for Healing include:

Do not fear your future if you suffer from both bipolar disorder and addiction. Instead, focus on getting the right help for strong recovery and better mental health. Your treatment at Santé Center for Healing starts with a thorough three-day evaluation. This evaluation helps shape your individualized therapies for the best possible outcome.

You can have the life you want, you just need the right help. Call Santé Center for Healing at 866-238-3154 to learn more about available programs.