At Santé Center for Healing, we offer addiction detox services in Argyle, Texas, and the surrounding area. Our medically trained professionals are here to help you through the detox process.

If you or your loved one is struggling with substance use disorder (SUD), our detox services can help you start on the road to recovery. Call 866.238.3154 to learn more about addiction treatment programs and detox services.

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What Are Addiction Detox Services?

Understanding what detox is and how dangerous it can be if you try to detox alone is essential. There is still a lingering stigma around substance use and those who suffer from substance use disorder. Quitting an addictive substance is not simply a matter of just saying no or having the willpower not to use drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a disease; the misuse of addictive substances brings about permanent changes to one’s body and brain chemistry, making it necessary for most people to seek professional addiction treatment to break the cycle of addiction.

Some of our addiction detox services include:

  • Medical detox
  • Alcohol detox
  • Drug detox
  • Heroin detox

Detox is the first step and is where the body needs to rid itself of the physical effects of drug and alcohol use. Detox can be a dangerous process, and it is important to do it with supervision from a professional medical team.

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“As a therapist, I have been consistently impressed with the dedication Santé’s treatment team gives to the individuals who seek help there. I am grateful to have found Santé.”
– Andrew Ahles
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Even though it’s a little farther away, find out why Texas residents choose us over Fort Worth or Dallas addiction treatment. Call Santé Center for Healing today at 866.238.3154.

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The Dangers of Avoiding Professional Detox Services

One of the worst parts about the stigma of addiction is that people see addiction as a weakness. When this false narrative is perpetuated, it can have dangerous results. When individuals begin to believe their addiction is a weakness, they may attempt self-detox out of pride. However, it’s crucial to understand how withdrawal works and why it’s so dangerous to undergo it alone.

Your body is always trying to maintain balance, and addiction throws everything out of whack. Since your body adjusts to substance abuse over time, it doesn’t know what to do when you stop. During this process, neurotransmitters and different organs in your body begin to go into shock. This is what causes a variety of different mental and physical withdrawal symptoms.

In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be so harsh and uncomfortable that they make individuals want to return to drinking or using. Depending on the substance you’re using and other factors, the symptoms can vary. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Anxiety, depression, mood swings
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Fever and chills
  • Tremors and seizures (for alcohol)

The benefit of going to Santé Center for Healing for medical detox is that our compassionate professionals can help to reduce these symptoms. If necessary, some medications can help calm your anxiety when you feel like your mind won’t stop racing. If you’re experiencing insomnia, medications can also help you with that. Additional medication can even reduce the cravings in the early days of your recovery. These medications will be administered by trained professionals at Santé Center who understand the detox process.

How Detox Works

Detox is the term for when the body gets rid of drugs or alcohol. Over time, the human body adjusts to having drugs always present. The mind rewires neural connections because it expects drugs to be there. When the drugs disappear, the mind and body struggle to adjust immediately. During this initial phase, individuals may go through several uncomfortable symptoms.

Because of the severity of withdrawal symptoms, seeking professional addiction detox services and addiction treatment programs is essential. In our medical detox center in Argyle, Texas, Santé Center for Healing clients receive medical supervision and support during detox. Attempting to quit cold turkey at home can lead to severe withdrawal complications, and the lack of medical supervision can result in tragic outcomes.

While it can take a few days or weeks to go through withdrawal symptoms, our staff will ensure you are comfortable during the process. Some symptoms, like anxiety, may last for months afterward. In most cases, the initial phase of detox takes just 4 to 10 days to complete.

The length of detox depends entirely on the substance the individual used, the level of addiction, and how long the addiction lasted. The individual’s medical condition, family history, and genetics can also impact how long detox takes. Individuals can get help managing withdrawal symptoms through proper care for a more comfortable detox.

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Staying Sober After Detox Services

At Santé Center for Healing, we know getting sober is much easier than staying sober. If staying sober only involved going through an alcohol or drug detox, many more people would have stayed sober. Addiction treatment at our facility will help you realize that drugs or alcohol are only a symptom of your problem. We will teach you how to deal with everything that leads you to pick up the first drink or drug.

Aside from detox, additional levels of addiction treatment services include the following:

  • Residential addiction treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Continuing care at our outpatient clinic
  • Transitional living (TL)
  • Aftercare and alumni programs

Our compassionate team will develop an individualized treatment plan for each client tailored to meet the individual’s treatment needs and recovery goals.

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What to Expect from Addiction Detox Services in Argyle, Texas

While the exact process can vary from one alcohol and drug detox center to another, our treatment center in Argyle, Texas, starts with an initial evaluation. An addiction specialist customizes the program so clients get the needed care.

During the evaluation stage, a medical team works to screen each client. They look for mental and physical ailments. Often, doctors will take a blood test to determine the kind of drug the client typically uses. Then, they use this information to figure out the best treatment plan.

The medical team examines the client’s medical, drug, and mental health histories. Afterward, they determine a long-term plan for treating the client. Once this is complete, it is time to stabilize the client’s condition.

During stabilization, doctors prescribe medications or treatments to prevent serious complications. The goal is to make sure the client does not suffer from harm during detox. Depending on the client, the treatment center, and the addiction, doctors may also prescribe medications to ease withdrawal symptoms.

The final step at our alcohol detox center in TX is helping clients get ready for rehab. Many clients go to a residential or intensive outpatient program after their stay at an addiction detox center. Sometimes, the client will even begin different therapy and counseling options before they leave the drug and alcohol detox center.

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Santé Center for Healing Offers Addiction Detox Services – Call Today!

If you or a loved one are caught in the cycle of addiction, then professional addiction detox services at Santé Center for Healing can help. With a comprehensive continuum of care, highly trained and experienced addiction specialists, and a beautiful 16-acre campus where you can focus solely on treatment and recovery, we are committed to helping you heal.

Call 866.238.3154 or reach out online to learn more about our programs, verify your insurance, or get started today.

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If you or your loved one has an addiction, you do not have to deal with it alone. A drug and alcohol detox center can help you overcome the stress and pain of your addiction. To learn more about how the Santé Center for Healing can help you get treatment,