For those struggling with addiction, significant healing often requires medical and therapeutic intervention and committed hands-on care. Santé Center for Healing offers compassionate, high-quality treatment and long-term recovery extending beyond our beautiful 16-acre campus and back into your community. We provide evidence-based medical and clinical programming to move individuals from the chaos and dependency of this chronic, progressive disease of addiction to the hope, health, healing, and unmatched possibilities found in recovery. Santé’s continuum of care has slowly and intentionally evolved and developed over the last 25 years based on research and experience of what works best for individuals experiencing addiction and impacted by mental health and trauma. The result? A long-term, clinical recovery continuum of care spanning more acute medical and clinical needs of addiction detox services and addiction treatment services all the way to life-long alumni support. Throughout the internationally renowned experience, you’ll find opportunities for wellness and recreation, group therapy supporting the formation of recovery communities, and reconciliation with family and friends marked by addiction’s devastation. Our goal is to help those in our programs achieve lasting sobriety and develop the skills they need for recovery today and tomorrow. The future is theirs to write.

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Issues We Treat

Santé Center for Healing doesn’t treat a diagnosis; we treat individuals. Our clients most often engage with Santé’s recovery continuum for the treatment of substance use disorders, mental health, trauma, problematic sexual behaviors, disordered eating, and other compulsive behaviors. Many of our clients are dual-diagnosis and poly-addiction with complex needs often minimized, overlooked, or misunderstood before their time with Santé. Here – “on the hill” – behavioral and addiction issues are addressed simultaneously to help clients understand the dangers of cross-addiction and the prominence of co-occurring disorders. People with dual-diagnosis disorders are best served through Santé’s integrated treatment, where the medical and clinical teams address mental and substance use disorders at the same time with better outcomes.


Individualized treatment plans specific to each client (their needs, their history, their medical complications) include goals and objectives crafted collaboratively with the client, psychiatrist, nurses, psychologists, Masters level clinicians/therapists, and additional contributing team members. The ultimate goal is long-term recovery. It has been our experience that to get there, we must work to the core, trauma-level issues underlying the addictions. This takes individualized programming, an intimate setting, highly effective staff, a multi-faceted program simultaneously addressing addictions, trauma and mental health diagnosis, family programming, and a length of stay based on goals achieved.

No matter your complexities, Santé’s credible and caring staff can customize a treatment plan that will work for you. We commit ourselves to helping our clients succeed in their recovery.

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“What you guys have done for me, is show me that I have everything in me to do this. That I can be the person I’ve always wanted to be. And that I will mess up along the way, but I am loved regardless. I might not always get that, but I’ve seen my growth. I see the work I’ve done. I couldn’t have done it without the love, support, and occasional ass kicking. I love all of you with all of my heart. I will miss seeing all of you every day. It truly brings my heart so much joy. There is so much more I could say, I am so grateful to all of you. I will see you all soon! My appreciation to you is endless.”
-Santé Alumni
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For more information about addiction and long-term recovery, contact a Santé Center representative.

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Addiction Treatment Center

Santé is where an individualized treatment plan develops and evolves for each client. Progress milestones are not measured solely in days sober but perhaps more importantly by individually identified goals achieved. Clients experience Santé’s expert staff and premiere services in an intimate, therapeutic, serene, and supportive environment. Families receive necessary education and empowerment for the life-affirming possibilities found in long-term recovery. These are the critical ingredients in the recovery process, increasing the likelihood that improvements made in any level of care are reinforced and sustained for life-long benefit. We are more than an addiction treatment center in TX our clients come from across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom seeking and finding what they need to achieve long-term recovery.

What You’ll Find in Our Addiction Treatment Program in TX

Addiction is a disease, and like any disease, it requires treatment. Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease. As such, substance abuse issues can require intensive intervention and treatment. Without treatment, individuals struggling with addictions could experience dangerous consequences. However, Santé Center for Healing’s addiction treatment program in TX could help.

Anyone can develop a substance abuse disorder. Unfortunately, this disease affects people of all backgrounds, ages, and genders. Over time, addiction can lead to unsafe behaviors, financial problems, and relationship issues. To combat this problem, individuals can begin by starting within a recovery continuum with drug or alcohol detox, or our residential treatment program.

What do you expect from a rehab program? We’ll likely exceed your expectations.

Most of Santé’s clients start treatment with the detox portion of treatment. Detox typically lasts for 4 to 10 days, depending on variables like the client’s addiction history and substances used.

Detox is an essential part of treatment because it removes the chemical remnants of substance abuse from the body. During detox, the client overcomes withdrawal symptoms and becomes physically sober. Without medical assistance and oversight, the symptoms of withdrawal are unpleasant and could even be life-threatening. Santé’s compassionate professionals provide medical care during this period to reduce withdrawal symptoms and keep clients on track to recovery.

Following detox, most clients transition to the residential program. This phase is crucial for clients to create individualized plans for long-term recovery. At Santé, individualized treatment plans involve simultaneous treatment of dual diagnosis, individual therapy, group therapy, education, accountability, 12 step introduction, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), neurofeedback, shame resiliency, and experimental therapies. Santé’s expert staff and intimate environment (safe, serene, and beautiful campus) facilitate the implementation of these treatment modalities.

“It gave me a new perspective to what is important in life. It allowed me to ‘disconnect’ from the chaos I was in or had created and to work on my recovery without distractions.”
– Alumni Lisa*

After the residential phase of treatment, clients typically begin an intensive outpatient program (IOP) lasting about four months and comprised of three weekly group sessions, individual therapy, and customized therapeutic assignments.

“Santé’s IOP and TL program provided a safe place for me to go after inpatient. After putting so much effort into recovery during inpatient, it would have hurt me immensely to skip out on IOP and TL and risk a relapse. Even though I wanted to put the past behind me and continue on living my life as I was before I got sober, I knew this was impossible. Going to IOP and TL provided me the best opportunity possible to achieve long-term sobriety.”
– Alumni Marni*

For those needing highly structured, therapeutic living arrangements, Santé offers a Transitional Living program. Transitional living provides integral support as clients learn to navigate life “in the real world” in those early weeks and months of recovery. Several research studies by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) find that the longer an individual is involved in the continuum of care and receiving treatment and support, they have significantly better outcomes including reduced relapse rates.

“For me, TL was a place to build an idea of what a healthy life looks like for me, in terms of my environment as well as relationships.”
– Santé Alumni*

At Santé, the individual client’s complexities drive the program content, length of stay, levels of care, recommendations and referrals for aftercare, family involvement, and more. Some clients do not need detox. Other clients need only detox and residential and return to their home communities for lower levels of care. Some of Santé’s clients start their treatment with the Intensive Outpatient Program or enter into Transitional Living after residential services elsewhere. Ultimately, the main focus and goal is accommodating an individual’s needs in order to achieve long-term recovery.

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Choosing the Right Treatment Center

At Santé Center for Healing, an addiction treatment center in TX, clients can find intimate and supportive programs to aid their long-term recovery. The entire goal of treatment is to help clients stay sober over a lifetime. A family-owned, experienced, and established treatment leader like Santé can help accomplish this. Want to know why our alumni say Santé is “the only right choice that ever mattered?” The right center offers options such as:

  • Highly educated staff
  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Medical interventions and support
  • Customizable treatment for client complexities
  • Simultaneous treatment options
  • Long-term recovery focus
  • Trauma resolution
  • Continuum of care
  • Family support and systems approach
  • Alumni support

If you are looking into addiction treatment services, you should consider a dual-diagnosis program. Many clients develop an addiction as a way to self-treat a mental disorder or physical illness. For example, they might use a painkiller addiction to treat chronic pain. Other clients might use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate depression or anxiety.

The opposite can also be true. When someone has an addiction, the addiction can influence a mental or physical disorder. Because of this, the staff at Santé Center for Healing simultaneously treat addiction and any underlying disorders at the same time. This kind of simultaneous helps clients achieve a better opportunity for long-lasting recovery.

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What Types of Services Are Available?

Santé’s recovery continuum of care slowly and intentionally evolved and developed over the years based on research and studies indicating participation in formal treatment and longer terms in treatment are consistently associated with better outcomes.

Countless clinical studies over the years, and most recently the “Addiction Treatment Aftercare Outcome Study” published by the Open Journal of Psychiatry, determined that the longer an individual is engaged in addiction treatment the better the success for sustained recovery. The American Society of Addiction Medicine asserts the chronic nature of the illness mandates a coordinated, science-based approach for chronic disease management.

Santé offers individuals and their families a long-term, clinical recovery continuum spanning more acute medical and clinical to less acute therapeutic transitions.

Santé’s Masters level Intake Counselors conduct an initial and confidential assessment to identify exactly what the client needs and establish the appropriate level of care, whether it is:

  • Licensed Professional Assessment
  • Medical Detox
  • Residential Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Transitional Living
  • Individual Therapy and Medication Management
  • Intensive Workshops
  • Monitoring
  • Alumni Support

Throughout the recovery continuum of care and in all levels of care:

  • An individualized and customized treatment plan is developed and evolves
  • Progress milestones are gauged by individual goals achieved (not merely days in care)
  • Services are received in an intimate, therapeutic, serene, and supportive environment
  • Families receive necessary education and empowerment for life-affirming possibilities found in long-term recovery


These are critical ingredients in the recovery process, increasing the likelihood that gains made during more acute interventions and levels of care are reinforced and sustained for life-long recovery.


Each day is different in the recovery continuum of care. An established baseline schedule provides a needed framework, but clients have customized programming and therapies throughout their residential program experience. The Intensive Outpatient program implements a reliable, standing schedule for the evening program with additional individualization specific to each client.

Santé includes family therapy throughout our recovery continuum as well. Addiction can damage family relationships, but targeted interventions and education can rebuild this support network. Additionally, active family involvement in the recovery process can improve outcomes for the client. All family programming at Santé stresses the importance of self-care while a loved one is in treatment, as well as strengthening emotional bonds and communication within the family.

Whether you need addiction treatment or love someone who does, we’re committed to caring for you as a whole individual and helping you find the road to recovery. Reach out today to learn more.

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You do not have to live with the pain of addiction alone. At an addiction treatment center like Santé Center for Healing, you can discover a better way of living.