For more than twenty years, Santé Center for Healing’s clinical staff has worked individually with clients and their families to identify and address unresolved trauma at the core of substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, problematic sexual behavior and other process/behavioral addictions. In addition to assessments, detox, residential programming, intensive outpatient, transitional living, addiction therapy services, family education and support, ongoing alumni support and professional education courses, Santé offers two different highly effective 4-day Therapy Intensives: Recovering from Trauma and Recovering from Codependency.

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Both Therapy Intensives offer opportunities to fast track healing by addressing each attendee’s maladaptive thoughts, cognitive errors, and avoidance behaviors that prevent sustained recovery. Santé Intensives occur in a safe, serene, supportive group environment using a skill-based innovative approach from Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), coupled with experiential therapies such as DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), Equine Therapy, Art Therapy and Ropes activities. Upon completion of a Therapy Intensive, participants leave with the confidence and ability to understand and re-conceptualize their traumatic event(s) or codependency and adaptive coping strategies to maintain and continue their growth.

Our Addiction Therapies currently include: