Due to the intensive schedule of the program, we ask that whenever possible, visits from family and friends for a loved one be limited to Saturdays from 3:00-4:30pm. If these times are not feasible for you, please let the staff know and alternative times may be arranged.

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  • Do make sure you have the client number for the client you are visiting. You may be asked for a picture form of identification as well. If appropriate releases are not signed by the client, you may not be allowed to visit him/her. You will be given a visitor badge that must be worn at all times and that will need to be returned upon leaving the campus.
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Do not bring any contraband onto the campus- this includes

  • Drugs or medications
  • Alcohol- including products with alcohol in the first 5 ingredients
  • Food products or beverages of any kind (includes candy)
  • Sexually explicit or suggestive material (includes magazines, books, clothing)
  • Weapons

These items will be confiscated and destroyed if presented. Bringing these items on the campus can be grounds of revocation of further visitation privileges.

  • Do not visit in clients’ rooms, gym, group room, ropes course, pool area, courtyard, volleyball area, or other areas not designated for visitation purposes.
  • Do not allow clients to use your cell phone, computers, or other electronic devices – please leave these items at home or in your vehicle if possible.
  • Do not use cameras or other recording devices while on the campus – do not bring these items to a client.
  • Do not share information that you hear or see about other clients outside of Sante Center for Healing.