family support being provided at our facility

Addiction impacts everyone in the family unit, all loved ones. 

Santé Center for Healing has a five-part Family Programming. We offer family education sessions, family therapy, individualized family intensives, Family & Friends Support Group, and a soon-to-be-released Family community app.

Santé Center for Healing’s Family comprehensive programming, including family therapy, offers the opportunity to have someone listen to how the client’s actions have impacted the lives of those around them. If relational problems are driving loved ones away, intervention strategies are formulated with the client’s recovery in mind. This relationship between the family member and therapist leads to a more rounded plan for change. If the family member feels the need to have more extensive therapy sessions, these are offered and can be discussed with Santé’s Family Communications Coordinator. Santé truly believes that the family plays an integral part of addiction treatment and increases the likelihood for long-term recovery.

When possible, every effort is made to re-establish and strengthen the client’s bonds with their primary support system, including improved communication with appropriate disclosure and amends. When appropriate, a collaborative effort is made to establish rules for the client’s return to the home environment. When the client is unable to return to the home, guidelines are established for continued involvement and contact with loved ones. Santé Center for Healing provides referrals to families for support as needed. When your loved one arrives in treatment, you’ll connect with the Family Communications Coordinator (FCC) who provides loved one a letter, questionnaire, and workbook. These materials and communication with FCC contribute a better understanding of healing process options available for loved one and the client.

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UPDATE: We have postponed outside visitors per the most recent CDC recommendations. Clients continue to have support and connection with family and friends through scheduled online, interactive platforms.

Some of the features of family and friends night at Santé include:

  • Weekly Monday & Tuesday ONLINE Family and Friends Support Group Meeting 5:45 P.M.- 7:45 P.M. in Santé’s online group room
  • Educational Series
  • Setting boundaries, addictive thinking, healthy relationships, emotional health, family rules and roles, how to cope with a family member in treatment, etc.
  • Connect with other families who are going through similar experiences 
  • Professional Speakers
  • Family support group guided by a therapist

Some of the features of family therapy at Santé include:

  • Intervention sessions when treatment is difficult
  • Individual and couples therapy for family members
  • Family & Friends Support Group offered three times per week (at no cost) with psycho-educational lectures and process groups
  • Family of Origin work through the utilization of Genograms