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Santé Center for Healing reflects the 12 Step communities’ belief that the act of service is a crucial aspect of an individual’s recovery; it’s even been referred to as a “pillar” for sustainable, long-term recovery. Perhaps you’ve heard it said another way, “you have to give it away in order to keep it.” The idea is service in spirit and pursuit of recovery can help the giver as much as the receiver. Not done for notoriety or praise, individuals in recovery pursue service opportunities because they know it strengthens their recovery, too; countless studies and research highlight evidence that helping others in recovery provides great benefit to the helper.  

In the spirit of the 12th step, Santé alumni carry the message of recovery to others. Santé alumni have the opportunity to:

  • speak on campus
  • serve as temporary sponsors to our current clients
  • provide transportation to outside meetings
  • be a local recovery contact for clients discharging to your geographical area 
  • answer questions for those in active addiction (and/or their loved ones) who have questions about treatment and recovery

Available Alumni Service Positions

Alumni Advisory Board

This group serves as a planning and feedback committee for all Alumni-related activities.


Alumni Ambassadors

This group serves individually, based on geography, to be a first contact for Santé residential patients returning to their area…take them to a meeting, be a temporary sponsor, etc. They are also willing to talk to potential Santé patients and/or their families about the hope found in recovery.


Alumni Navigators

This group is comprised of local alumni who will drive Santé’s residential patients and TL clients to local 12 Step meetings, serve as a temporary sponsor, speak at monthly alumni panel to residential patients, etc.


Alumni 12 Step Chairpersons

This group is comprised of local alumni who will bring and facilitate 12 Step meetings on campus and/or host monthly sobriety anniversary meetings in the community for alumni.     


Requirements: In order to be an Alumni Support Contact, you must have a minimum of 6 months of continuous sobriety and a willingness to help those in active addiction or newer to recovery.


In addition to carrying the message to others, we invite any who are interested to participate in charitable community work through the Alumni Program.

If you have ideas for possible service opportunities or would like to get involved in future service work opportunities, please fill out the form below or contact our Alumni Team at

Recovery makes so many things possible…and there is so much we can achieve together!

Santé Alumni Service Opportunities