The Licensed Professional Assessment program, Santé Center for Healing’s more formalized program, is appropriate for licensed professionals (i.e. physicians, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, therapists) in crisis. These LPA’s (usually 3 days in length) are commonly required by a licensing board, hospital system or employer and offer a fair, precise and objective investigation of the professional. In this assessment, our team collects information about all aspects of the professional’s life, including psychiatric, spiritual, health, family, and clinical data.

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Licensed Professionals Treatment Programs

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Components of the assessment for yourself or for a loved one include:

  • A counselor talks to a man during a professional program assessmentPsychiatric evaluation
  • Biopsychosocial assessment
  • Family systems assessment
  • Spiritual assessment
  • Clinical assessment and interviews
  • Nursing assessment
  • Assignment to one of our many levels of addiction treatment services
  • Coping and social skills training
  • History and examination by psychologist with psychological screening
  • Additional testing, if necessary, including such tests as polygraphs and Abel Screening
  • Collection of data from collateral sources, as deemed necessary
  • Drug testing with chain-of-custody provisions
  • Preliminary report by telephone on the day of discharge
  • Verbal and written recommendations to the individual being assessed on the final day of the assessment
  • Timely written report to referral source
  • Re-entry assessment when professional has been out of work for a period of time

This data is then used to gauge a professional’s ability to return to work, provide monitoring recommendations, and/or the necessity for him/her to seek further addiction treatment of other interventions needed to start a path towards resolution and/or recovery. This information is provided in a formal written report to the referral partner within a timeframe agreed upon with any associated organizations. LPA participants benefit from the facilitation of Santé’s multidisciplinary LPA team involving addiction certified psychiatrists, licensed mental health therapists, and other medical staff.

“…They also helped me start the road to getting back my career in medicine. I had a great experience at Santé and am so thankful for my time there. It truly changed my future.” – physician, Santé Alumni

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