One of the biggest problems in America is opiate addiction. Unfortunately, it’s easy for people to get their hands on both prescription and illicit opiates. While entering rehab is an important step toward overcoming this addiction, it’s not the first step. Opiate and opioid detox is the initial step of this addiction treatment here at Santé Center for Healing.

group at an opiate detox centerWhat Are Opiates?

Opiates are natural drugs that come from the opium poppy plant. Experts may also refer to them as opioids. This term refers to all drugs that have a similar chemical structure and action. It also includes human-made, synthetic alternatives to natural opium and its derivatives.

To clarify, all opiates are opioids, but opioids are not opiates because they aren’t natural. Opiates include codeine and morphine. Opioids include fentanyl, heroin, hydrocodone, methadone, and oxycodone.

While some of these drugs are legal via a prescription, others are illegal. In either case, they slow and depress the central nervous system.

Why Do People Need Help With Opiate Detox?

When people look for an opiate or drug detox center in Texas, they might wonder why they need professional help at all. A quick internet search informs them that opiate withdrawal isn’t deadly. So why seek an expert?

While withdrawal doesn’t cause life-threatening symptoms, opiates are still hard drugs to stop using. The symptoms can be excruciating and make people relapse into drug use again. Without professional help, most people are unsuccessful at detox. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Body aches
  • Strong cravings
  • Nausea

Opiate Withdrawal Timeline

When people search for an opiate detox center in Texas, they want to know how long it will take. However, there’s no set timeline for opiate detox. Everyone has a slightly different experience with their severity, severity, and how long they last.

With that said, some guidelines can give them an idea of what to expect. The first signs of withdrawal start about six to 12 hours after their last dose. In some cases, it can take around 30 hours before withdrawal kicks in if they used long-lasting opiates.

In either case, people notice a peak in their withdrawal symptoms at around the 72-hour mark. After this point, the cravings start to subside little by little. In some cases, the symptoms can continue for weeks or months after the final dose. Thankfully, they’re typically mild and less painful.

Detox and Medical Detox

When people choose an opiate detox program, their two main options include standard detox and medical detox. During standard detox, they receive supervision in a controlled environment. It limits the chances of relapse and pushes them toward further treatment.

Medical detox, however, uses medications to make withdrawal symptoms less painful. Not all drugs require medical detox. However, the symptoms that manifest with opiate withdrawal can be extreme. Medical detox can make them more bearable and limit the chances of relapse as well.

Let Santé Center for Healing Provide Your Detox and Rehab Services

At Santé Center for Healing, we pride ourselves in offering both a residential treatment program and addiction detox programs. We want to help you throughout the entire treatment process. Finding a good opiate detox center in Texas isn’t hard. Let us show you how the right staff and programs make all the difference.

Santé Center for Healing offers more than just opiate and opioid detox. We also provide detox for other drugs. Also, we have many helpful rehab programs to continue your treatment after detox, including:

Get the opiate detox that you need to overcome your addiction at Santé Center for Healing. Find out how to kick your opiate addiction to the curb in a safe way. Reach out to our friendly staff at 866.238.3154.