Addiction Treatment Services | Our Levels of Care

Residential Treatment

After Individuals assessment, if they are shown as needing our residential level of care will individually and collectively interact with our tenured staff of psychiatrists, addictionologists, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, certified addiction nurses, licensed dietitians, and masters level therapists who have additional credentialing and certifications in EMDR, CSAT, ACT, DBT, CBT, EFT, PTSD, motivational interviewing, psychodrama, and grief and loss. Some of our more unique residential treatment characteristics are:

Intensive Outpatient Program

Santé’s Intensive Outpatient Program addresses the same issues as those outlined in the Residential Program overview. Program length, similarly, is based on goals achieved; some complete IOP in 24 weeks while others may take a little longer. Phases (based on goals achieved) structure the content and attendance frequency from three nights per week to one night per week. Some of our more unique IOP characteristics are:

  • Phases One consists of 10 hours of group per week, usually split into three night sessions
  • Phases Two consists of 7 hours of group per week, usually achieved in two nights per week
  • Phases Three consists of 3 hours of group per week, and all completed in one night per week
  • Individual therapy is spread throughout all phases
  • Program completion dates and phases are individualized
  • Clients can come from another treatment center or be assessed initially for needing this level of care

Therapy Intensives

Santé’s Therapy Intensive: Recovering from Trauma

This highly concentrated 4-day Therapy Intensive identifies and addresses each attendee’s stuck points preventing the necessary footing to move past trauma-related symptoms and conditions. This intensive trauma therapy experience helps attendees face trauma (sexual, physical, emotional) in a safe, serene, supportive environment primarily using an innovative approach from Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). Santé’s Therapy Intensives also integrates DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and experiential therapy like Equine Therapy and Art Therapy.

Santé’s Addiction Therapy Services

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Santé’s Therapy Intensive: Recovering from Codependency

This 4-day Intensive identifies and addresses each attendee’s stuck points preventing the necessary footing to move past symptoms and conditions that maintain their codependency. Codependence is often misunderstood to be someone who chooses to assist individuals in their addictive behaviors. More accurately, codependence is a manner of learning the skills to survive in a chaotic environment. Spending a significant amount of time using these survival skills can take over healthier ways of living; hence, day-to-day ways of thinking lead to continual stress and anxiety and significantly interfere with our most important relationships. Santé’s Therapy Intensive: Recovering from Codependency, developed by our Licensed Staff Psychologist Dr. Faye Reimers, and facilitated by a multidisciplinary team to bring rapid healing and change to those with unresolved codependent behavior that prevents them from fully living.

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Family Support

Addiction impacts both the addict and the addict’s loved ones. It tears apart families and destroys lives, striking at the core of relationships and human intimacy. Santé understands that the recovery process requires healing of individuals, couples and families, through versatile addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services.

Offerings for Family Support include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Support from Santé’s family communications coordinator
  • Family therapy
  • Educational series the first few weeks of treatment
  • Family & friends support group offered twice/week on campus and once/week on an online platform
  • Weekly visitation
  • Two-day family intensives specific and unique to your family

Transitional Living

Sante’s Transitional Living program provides a highly structured, therapeutic apartment-style living for adult men and women, who are in search of additional daily living support while in the early stages of recovery. In addition to a safe, chemical-free environment, TL residents experience:

  • Separate men’s and women’s addiction treatment programs
  • Master’s level therapist on site Monday through Saturday
  • Community liaison on site 7 days per week
  • Daily group therapy and house meetings
  • Daily morning mediation and check-in groups
  • Random drug screens
  • 12-Step Recovery model
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Financial planning
  • Budgeting
  • Meal planning
  • Educational guidance
  • Career development
  • Life Skills Education
  • Walking distance to public transportation, employment, volunteer opportunities
  • University of North Texas
  • Gym

Outpatient Clinic

Santé also works with clients to improve their quality of life in a less-acute level of care than residential or intensive outpatient. Santé’s clinicians and other licensed professional are dedicated to helping individuals identify, adapt and effectively deal with life’s challenges – from addiction to depression to grief. Psychiatric services include: psychiatric evaluations, psychiatric medication management, and psychiatric therapy. Physician/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Services include: therapy, medication management, and psychiatric therapy. Physician/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Services include: therapy, medication management, Suboxone (®) taper. Nutritional services include: nutritional counseling sessions with licensed dietitians. Mental Health and Substance Abuse services provided include: individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, psychological testing, EMDR. Telemedicine is available for more convenient, accessible care for clients.

Aftercare/Relapse Prevention

Our main goal is for our clients to live a life in recovery. They learn to be aware of their issues and gain the skills to resolve them. They will discover how to prevent relapses, identify slipping signs and live without the feelings of shame or guilt that often accompany their diagnosis.


Recovery is not something that is completed upon leaving treatment; it is an on-going process of learning and personal growth. It is important to stay connected and know that Santé wants you to succeed through your personal journey that is Recovery. The Alumni Coordinator exists to keep the lines of communication open between alumni of Santé and the Center itself.

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“There are so many wonderful big-hearted people that work here.  I got truly attached to everyone.  I thank God for the gift of Santé.  I learned the reason behind my addiction and realized that I am a good person that made bad decisions… helped me to see the real me under the horrible addiction, even when I wanted to give up. The staff will never stop believing in any client.  Santé saved my life, the staff gave me my life back and now it is my turn to show the world that people do care!”
–  Santé Alumni