Therapist and patient in a motivational interviewing sessionAddiction is a complex disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach that goes beyond just getting off a substance. People suffering from addiction often need guidance on things like building self-esteem, developing healthy relationships, and making positive choices that support long-term recovery. Motivational Interviewing is a technique that can help people struggling with addiction find the inner strength and motivation to make positive changes in their lives.

By working collaboratively with trained counselors, patients can explore their values, beliefs, and motivations and gain the tools they need to achieve long-term success in their recovery journey. To learn more about addiction therapy programs in Texas, call us at 866.238.3154.

Addiction Treatment Is About More Than Just Getting Off a Substance

Getting off a substance is an important first step in addiction treatment. However, it is often not enough to achieve long-term recovery. People with chronic addiction may have underlying mental health problems, social issues, or other factors that contribute to their substance use.

To address these complex issues, addiction treatment must be comprehensive and multidisciplinary, combining medical and behavioral therapies to help patients address the underlying issues that led to their addiction.

What Is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a counseling approach that aims to enhance an individual’s intrinsic motivation to change behavior. MI is a collaborative, patient-centered technique that respects the autonomy of the individual and acknowledges that change is a process that may involve ambivalence, resistance, and setbacks.

Instead of confronting patients with judgment or condemnation, MI counselors use open-ended questions, reflective listening, and empathy to help patients explore their values, goals, and concerns. MI aims to support patients’ autonomy and self-efficacy, helping them to recognize their own strengths, resources, and capacities.

Motivational Interviewing Techniques

MI techniques are designed to help the counselor work collaboratively with the patient, rather than imposing ideas or solutions upon them. The following are some of the key techniques used in Motivational Interviewing:

Express Empathy

Counselors express empathy by listening actively, respecting the patient’s perspective, and acknowledging their struggles and challenges.

Develop Discrepancy

The counselor helps the patient identify the discrepancies between their current situation and their goals, values, and priorities.

Roll with Resistance

Counselors avoid confrontation by accepting the patient’s resistance and engaging them in a non-judgmental way.

Support Self-Efficacy

Counselors help patients recognize their strengths, skills, and resources and build their confidence in their ability to make positive changes.

5 Benefits of an MI Program in Argyle TX

1. Improved Engagement and Retention

MI has been shown to increase patient engagement and retention in treatment, reducing the risk of dropout and relapse.

2. Greater Self-Awareness and Insight

MI encourages patients to explore their values, goals, and priorities. This helps them gain greater self-awareness and insight into their behaviors and motives.

3. Reduced Resistance and Defensiveness

MI counselors focus on building trust, empathy, and collaboration with patients, reducing resistance and defensiveness.

4. Enhanced Self-Efficacy and Motivation

MI helps patients recognize their strengths, skills, and resources and build their confidence in their ability to make positive changes.

5. Long-Term Behavioral Change

MI encourages patients to view recovery as a long-term process that involves setbacks, challenges, and opportunities for growth and change.

Get the Help You Need With Santé Center

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Santé Center can help. Our team of experienced professionals uses a variety of effective treatment techniques, including motivational interviewing, to help patients achieve lasting recovery.

We offer comprehensive addiction treatment programs that combine medical and behavioral interventions to help patients address the underlying issues that contribute to their substance use. Call Santé Center today at 866.238.3154 or use our online contact form to learn more about our addiction treatment programs and start your journey to recovery.