Neurofeedback therapy is one of the most unique forms of therapy you can undergo at Santé Center for Healing. Research shows it works in treating your behavioral health problems, particularly when compared to medication and talk therapy alone. In fact, medication treats symptoms that occur because of your mental illness or past addiction. Conversely, neurofeedback addresses issues at their core, helping to return your brain to normal functioning.

What Is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy uses brain stimulation like other types of biofeedback. The stimulation acts as a reward for your brain when your brainwave patterns stabilize. The therapy’s goal is to improve your brain functioning when you suffer abnormal brainwaves after addiction or because of mental illnesses like depression or anxiety.

With normalized brainwaves, you experience fewer symptoms of mental illness in day-to-day living. If you suffer mental illness, or if your substance abuse damaged your brain’s structure and chemistry, neurofeedback therapy can help. In essence, neurofeedback therapy reprograms your brain by showing it how to respond to real life activity.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

a doctor explains a neurofeedback therapy program to a clientNeurofeedback is unlike other therapies you receive in addiction treatment. The method involves you watching a video, listening to audio, or working through games or puzzles while in treatment. As you engage in these activities, special EEG sensors on your head monitor your brainwave speeds. Feedback to your brain teaches this vital organ how to fire brainwaves at healthy speeds.

For example, if you watch a movie while in neurofeedback sessions, the sensors pick up your brainwave activity and only permit the movie to continue when your brain performs as it should. This feedback to your brain helps it self-correct its patterns for a healthy balance, creating lasting structural changes.

As your brain’s structure improves, you stop feeling some of the effects of your depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other conditions. Your neurofeedback therapy program helps treat a wide range of other mental health problems, too. These include migraines, headaches, panic attacks, ADHD, ADD, sleep problems, memory problems, OCD, aggression, and traumatic brain injury.

While your neurofeedback therapy program focuses on these types of problems, other people also use the therapy to enhance their mental performance. Professional athletes and executive leaders use the method for improved sleep, greater adaptability, and enhanced thought processing.

Neurofeedback for Addiction

The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research stands behind proven outcomes in recent studies. One common thread throughout these studies is that neurofeedback normalizes brain waves that once worked to trigger drug or alcohol abuse. People who abuse substances are shown to have low brain wave activity in some ways, even before their drinking or drug use begins. In a way, your drug or alcohol use temporarily helped abnormal brain waves, much like scratching momentarily relieves an insect bite’s itch.

Of course, addiction affects many areas of your life and many parts of your biology. Therefore, a neurofeedback therapy program alone does not end your addiction. This method simply adds to the tools you have at your disposal for putting your substance abuse in your past once and for all.

Texas Addiction Treatment with Neurofeedback

At Santé Center for Healing near San Antonio, you gain access to cutting-edge treatments like neurofeedback, alongside traditional talk therapies. All of these methods come with proven ability to enhance your chances for long-term recovery. Therapies and treatments at Santé Center for Healing include:

People from all over the U.S. and Canada come to Argyle, Texas to gain lasting recovery at Santé Center for Healing. Highly individualized treatment planning means your detox and rehab takes shape to meet your unique needs. Whether you suffer only addiction, polydrug addiction, or a dual diagnosis, the help you need takes place at Santé Center for Healing.

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