Nutrition plays a major role in your recovery, particularly after a lengthy addiction. During your substance abuse, you neglected your health by not meeting your body’s immediate nutrient needs. Medical nutrition therapy in addiction treatment provides you with the tools you need to regain good health and wellness in your life. Through nutrition, you gain many benefits that help you stay stable, healthy, and strong in long-term recovery.

About Medical Nutrition Therapy

A doctor explains medical nutrition therapy to a female clientWhether you suffer negative eating habits or not, your addiction treatment benefits from nutrition therapy. After all, your drug or alcohol use depleted your body of its building blocks. You likely look the least healthy you have in years. You also probably feel unhealthy.

Of course, a little nutrition goes a long way in addiction rehab. You start feeling much better through medical nutrition therapy, as your body benefits from gaining what it needed for so long. Your treatment consists of customized meal planning as well as time spent with a dietician to learn more about your dietary needs.

Medical nutrition therapy at Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, TX includes:

  • Individualized meal planning
  • Monitored nutrition and physical fitness
  • Restaurant outings for life skills
  • Healthy grocery shopping outings
  • Meetings for people with a co-occurring eating disorder
  • Nutrition and cooking classes
  • Process groups

Through these combined methods and under the guidance of a dietician, you can gain a healthier, more stable life through balanced nutrition. Your nutritional balance plays a major role in your recovery. Eating well helps you mentally, emotionally, and physically. This makes medical nutrition therapy a type of holistic treatment.

At first, healthy nutrition feels challenging. However, with the right help, your healthy eating methods become second nature. Whatever your specific health needs, those gain solutions through medical nutrition therapy.

Individualized Nutrition and Healthy Balance in Recovery

As previously said, nutrition plays a major role in how you think, feel, and behave. Not having enough nutrients makes your body break down in many ways. How you physically respond to low nutrition or an imbalanced diet is unique to you. Likewise, you need an individualized approach to your daily diet.

To start your healthiest nutrition, your medical nutrition therapy dietitian conducts an assessment of your dietary history. This focuses on your past diet, as well as how you eat today. Clients sometimes complete food diaries, answer questionnaires and undergo lab tests in this process. Your dietitian spends time with you, getting to know your eating habits.

If you have goals for your weight, body mass, or appearance, you discuss those with the dietitian. How you see your body plays a significant role in self-confidence. But for many people, body image does not align with the reality of their physical size, shape or appearance. If you suffer body image issues or health problems, the dietitian forms your therapy goals around those.

Many people feel surprised by how much food affects them when they do not use drugs or alcohol. Just like you must relearn to socialize sober, you also learn to eat better. You experience better awareness of your body’s signals in recovery. You learn what different signs mean, such as when you don’t eat enough protein or suffer blood sugar problems.

Therapies and Treatments You Need for Healthy Recovery

Addiction recovery focuses on healing your body, mind, and spirit of all you experienced before and during your substance abuse. This is why healthy nutrition fits naturally into addiction treatment. Many people also suffer from co-occurring health and behavioral problems with addiction.

Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, TX provides you with the skills, insights, and understanding you need for better health. Programs at Santé Center for Healing include:

If you or someone you love suffers from addiction and is seeking long-term recovery and balanced wellness, you need Santé Center for Healing’s expertise. Call Santé Center at 866-238-3154 for more information. You can start rebuilding a healthier life today. You just need the right help.