obsessed with sex

3 Signs Your Partner Is Obsessed with Sex

How do you know whether your partner needs sex addiction treatment or not? It can be difficult to find the line between having a healthy sexual appetite and being obsessed with sex.  Sex addiction involves a lack of control over sexual thoughts and urges. While sexual impulses are perfectly natural, the typical signs of sex…

making use of life skills after recovery

7 Life Skills You Learn After Recovery Near Oklahoma

What is a life skills therapy program, and do you or a loved one need to undergo one? It all depends on whether or not the essential life skills for recovery are part of your life. The journey of addiction recovery doesn’t end after someone completes rehab. Many people believe this is when the real…

health concerns of anorexia

5 Health Concerns of Anorexia

The health concerns of anorexia are substantial. With that in mind, how do you know whether you or a loved one needs to get admitted into an anorexia treatment center? Physical signs of anorexia nervosa are related to starvation. Anorexia symptoms also include emotional and behavioral issues that often involve an unrealistic perception of body…

dealing with fentanyl side effects

What Are Fentanyl Side Effects?

If you or a loved one is struggling with the effects of fentanyl misuse, you should be aware of the opioid epidemic in the U.S. and the side effects of excessive fentanyl use. You should consider undergoing a drug detox treatment program. When someone uses fentanyl, they will experience the drug’s euphoric and pain-relieving effects.…

understanding unresolved trauma

Can Unresolved Trauma Cause Anxiety?

Yes, unresolved trauma can cause anxiety — and many other negative effects on a person’s behavioral, emotional, mental, and physical health. To help manage these effects, most undergo trauma therapy treatment. When the trauma remains unresolved, there will likely be frequent triggers that a person may respond to inappropriately. They may cause an exaggerated emotional…

alcohol awareness facts

3 Alcohol Awareness Facts You Should Know

Wondering whether or not you or a loved one needs to undergo a professional addiction treatment plan that begins with an alcohol detox program? While recognizing that you may have an alcohol consumption problem is often distressing, it’s good that you’re considering professional treatment. The yearly observation of National Alcohol Awareness Month in the U.S.…

alcohol awareness month

What Is Alcohol Awareness Month?

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life—even during a pandemic—it can be difficult to remember causes you believe in and want to support. You or a loved one could be undergoing an alcohol detox program and idly wonder, “When is alcohol awareness month 2022?” It’s this April, and you’re not too late to participate.…

outpatient treatment program

What Does Outpatient Addiction Treatment Look Like near Dallas, TX?

For most people struggling with addiction, outpatient rehab is the most attractive option when it comes to professional help. This type of addiction treatment program doesn’t disrupt the lives of its participants much and is often more affordable. However, cases of severe addiction to certain substances—such as alcohol, heroin, or oxycodone—benefit most from an inpatient…

long-term addiction treatment

Best Tips for Long-Term Recovery from Addiction

Getting admitted into inpatient drug rehab programs in long-term addiction treatment centers is one of the best ways to increase the chances of successful sobriety and recovery. Prioritizing the length and level of care of addiction treatment programs is probably the best tip for people struggling with seeking professional help for their addictions. When you…

withdrawal definition

Here’s What Withdrawal Looks Like for Different Drugs

What is the drug detox process? And what does it mean to go through withdrawal? While the definition of withdrawal and detox are often confused, they are two very different, but related concepts. Drug detox is the process of ridding addictive substances from the body. This may require medically-assisted treatment (MAT) to safely manage the…