dual diagnosis treatment centers in texas

What You Will Learn in a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

Why are mental health dual diagnosis treatment centers essential to how society functions today? Put simply, many cases of addiction are actually cases of dual diagnosis. While substance use disorders were previously treated before their co-occurring mental health issues in the past, this is no longer the common way to treat dual diagnosis cases involving…

long-term goals for alcohol use disorder

What Should Your Goals for Alcohol Recovery Be?

Why is inpatient alcohol rehab recommended for most alcoholics seeking recovery, especially when outpatient programs are widely accessible? It’s because residential treatment is often the best option for most people. However, not all people have the same short-term or long-term goals for alcohol use disorder recovery. The reality is that substance abuse of any kind…

family therapy activities

Family Therapy Activities That Work

It’s no secret that mental health treatment can help people with mental health issues. But what about family therapy? More than helping people with family issues, it can help entire family units to function more effectively by improving communication and conflict habits. Many family therapy activities for relationship-building are also ideal additions to other treatment…

drug rehab Texas

Benefits of Drug Rehab near Dallas, Texas

Did you know that there are free and low-cost drug addiction rehab options available in Dallas? They’re typically state-funded. Nearly all addiction treatment facilities in Texas also offer what’s called a “sliding scale” fee for clients who don’t have health insurance plans or wish to pay privately. Some facilities near Dallas may focus on treating…

unresolved trauma and addiction

What Is the Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction?

Unresolved trauma and addiction can shape someone’s life. When someone experiences a traumatic situation, they’re more likely to self-medicate, which can lead to an addiction developing. This is why trauma therapy treatment is essential. Traumatic situations change how people view themselves and how they interact with the world. Adding an addiction on top of that…

how to prevent schizophrenia

Can Schizophrenia Be Controlled?

Is getting admitted into a schizophrenia disorder treatment program always necessary? For people who are likely to develop the mental health issue, perhaps it’s enough to learn how to prevent or avoid schizophrenia.  Although there’s no proven way to prevent schizophrenia, scientists have been working consistently to make it less likely—as long as you take…

woman laying down

What Are the Symptoms of Fentanyl Withdrawal?

Fentanyl is a highly addictive opioid drug. A doctor can prescribe it for extreme pain, usually due to cancer or another serious illness. Unfortunately, fentanyl is sometimes diverted to the black market and offered for sale to people interested in taking it for non-medical reasons. It is frequently being mixed into other prescription pain medications…

Mother talking to daughter on couch

Best Way To Talk To A Loved One About Binge Drinking

What’s the best way to talk to loved ones about binge drinking? There was only one “best way” to talk about binge drinking. Every person is different, and every family has different dynamics. It’s not easy, and as parents, none of us probably feel ready to have the conversation. Binge drinking has, unfortunately, become a…