a father and child hugging and making progress during an intervention while engaging family and friends

The Importance of Engaging Family & Friends

Each family member and friend of an addicted person has a unique relationship with drug or alcohol addiction – emotionally and behaviorally. Treating only the individual in active addiction has limited effectiveness. Santé walks alongside family and friends, recognizing the devastating impact substance use disorders have on everyone involved. We work on engaging family and…

a young woman concerned as she goes through drug withdrawal

Why Drug Withdrawal Requires Detox

For individuals who want to stop engaging in substance abuse, drug withdrawal can be a great obstacle. Withdrawal occurs when long-time usage suddenly stops or significantly decreases. Symptoms are not usually life-threatening, but they can be quite uncomfortable for the user. If withdrawal has hindered your attempts at getting clean, detox and professional rehab can…

a doctor explaining the psychotherapy definition to a patient

Understanding the Psychotherapy Definition

Psychotherapy has proven to be an effective approach for treating mental illness. Although it doesn’t forbid the use of medications, it doesn’t actively suggest them either. Within addiction treatment, there are several disciplines that show promise. Learn how qualified professionals apply the psychotherapy definition to treatment. How the Psychotherapy Definition Paves the Way Toward Addiction…