staging an addiction intervention

How to Stage an Intervention

With the rising drug epidemic in the United States, many families and loved ones struggling with addiction are also suffering from the consequences and pain of drug addiction. People close to those dealing with addiction disease often feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to getting help for those they care for. In these situations,…

trauma and addiction in texas

Connection Between Unresolved Trauma and Addiction

Many people blame themselves or their loved ones for needing substance abuse treatment and for suffering from addiction. But this substance abuse often occurs because of specific root causes. For many, there is a distinct connection between unresolved trauma and addiction. When someone struggles with substance use disorder in conjunction with a mental health issue…

woman looking out window wondering how long does alcohol detox take

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Take?

You’ve been hiding a drinking problem for a while now. However, you don’t want to keep waking up to withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, you’re thinking of entering rehab. But, how long does alcohol detox take? At Santé Center for Healing, our experienced team of alcohol addiction rehab professionals can guide you through the detox process. We…

how long does it take to detox from heroin

How Long Does It Take to Detox from Heroin?

Heroin is one of the most addictive illicit drugs people use. Its potency causes individuals who use it to not only experience an intense feeling of euphoria but to have their brain chemistry become immediately altered. When this occurs, individuals become physically dependent upon the drug. Dependency causing individuals to need more of the drug…

woman staring at food with friends trying How To Help Someone With An Eating Disorder

How to Help Someone with an Eating Disorder

When confronted with stress or trauma, indiviudals attempt to develop coping mechanisms to deal with what they are facing. Unfortuantely, these coping mechanism can often become dangerous in themselves. For example, it’s common for individuals confronted by social stress or lacking control in their everyday life to develop an eating disorder. What begins as a…

man suffering from alcoholism and depression

Alcoholism and Depression- Is There a Connection?

Alcoholism and depression are two disorders often found co-occurring in individuals. The link between these conditions is well documented. Approximately, one-third of people who have major depression also have alcohol use disorder. When alcoholism and depression strike, it’s vital to find a mental health dual diagnosis treatment center to help you treat both conditions at…

doctor explaining neurofeedback therapy side effects

Are There Any Neurofeedback Therapy Side Effects?

Neurofeedback is becoming more common in addiction treatment. It’s an outgrowth of biofeedback research and treatment. Yet, many people don’t know how this particular treatment works. They also wonder, are there any neurofeedback therapy side effects? Fortunately, Sante Center for Healing is familiar with and experienced in this form of mental health treatment and addiction…

meditation therapy for anxiety disorders

Meditation Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Many people who suffer from addiction also experience mental illnesses at the same time. For example, anxiety and depression are very common among those considering treatment for addiction. These two mood disorders are the most common mental health issues people face. Because they arise so frequently and can strike anyone at any time, they often…