a woman smiling because she found safety at rehab during the pandemic

Find Safety At Rehab and Residential Treatment

The COVID-19 pandemic is racing through the world, shutting down schools and businesses, and requiring people to stay home. You’re wondering about what this means for you, right now. Is now the best time for you to seek residential drug addiction treatment since you can’t work or go to school? For some people, there is…

a doctor explaining to her patient drug facts you should know

Drug Facts You Should Know

Thousands of people die every year from preventable drug and alcohol overdose. Children as young as 12 experiment and become addicted to illicit substances. At Santé Center for Healing, we offer detox, substance abuse treatment, and other therapies to help our clients heal. Come to our center in Argyle, Texas, and leave behind a life…


Medical Detox During COVID-19

Article by: Nicole Miller, Special Programs Coordinator Santé Center for Healing   Overcoming addiction doesn’t always start with going to residential treatment, it starts with detox. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most hospitals are being inundated with those dealing with and fearing they have COVID-19. An increase in COVID-19 doesn’t mean people will stop needing medical…

a woman feeling hopeless because she can not find Anxiety treatment

Finding Anxiety Treatment During A Pandemic

As the stock market declines, people are requested to stay indoors, and many people experience anxiety at the state of the world right now, the need for anxiety treatment has never been greater. In the last few days, people have already experienced social isolation, panic, and difficulties working remotely. Types of Anxiety Disorders Anxiety manifests…

a doctor filling out a substance abuse evaluation for a new patient

Substance Abuse Evaluation

If you have a court-ordered substance abuse evaluation, you probably want to know what to expect. In short, a substance abuse evaluation determines the extent of your drug and alcohol problem. A substance abuse professional conducts the interview and recommends a treatment and education plan. At Santé Center for Healing, we conduct evaluations and also offer addiction detox services and addiction…

a woman looking at a random leaf before she gets information about marijuana and education on drugs

Marijuana and Education

There is a perception today that marijuana is not harmful. This line of thinking is especially common among young people. Understanding the realities of marijuana and education, however, is crucial in realizing just how risky taking this drug can be. What Are The Risks Of Marijuana? Knowledge about marijuana and education on drugs is vital so…