woman thinking about recovery and social media

Recovery and Social Media

Are you working through recovery? Does social media seem to be limiting your success? That’s not uncommon. Social media can encourage drug and alcohol use. It may even put you at risk for engaging in these substances during your sobriety. You don’t want to find yourself at risk, but how can you navigate social media without…

family remaining sober during the holidays

How To Remain Sober During The Holidays

Remaining sober during the holidays can seem like a challenge. There may be a lot of times during the holidays when you used to spend time with friends enjoying a few drinks or even a glass of wine. To remain sober, you can’t do that anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t have incredible sober celebrations.…

woman learning how to have a productive workday

How To Have A Productive Workday

There is a lot to do today. You have so many tasks on your to-do list, meetings, and problems to solve. Yet, if you are in recovery from using drugs and alcohol, understanding how to have a productive workday can be a bit more difficult. That’s because the way you think is different now. With…

man who is suffering from dangers of drinking after work

Dangers of Drinking After Work

It’s a long day. You’re tired and feeling the tension and stress of the day, physically and emotionally. Drinking after work seems like a good way to get rid of some of that. It may feel like the only thing to get you through the night. Yet, the dangers of drinking after work are numerous.…

man who is managing addiction during a pandemic

Managing Addiction During A Pandemic

The pandemic has changed a lot about daily life. It has layered on the pressure and stress while secluding many people from each other. That makes it very hard for a person to overcome the challenges they face with addiction. Managing addiction during pandemic conditions may seem impossible. You may even want to not worry…

individual showing signs of alcohol abuse

5 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

For many people who struggle with alcohol, they don’t know they have a problem. But knowing the signs of alcoholism can help in identifying the issue in yourself or your loved one. Understanding the signs of alcohol abuse makes finding treatment that much easier. Santé Center for Healing can help you recognize the signs and…

group thinking about getting addiction treatment

Are You Afraid Of Getting Addiction Treatment?

Are you afraid of getting substance abuse treatment? Your concern is understandable. Addiction, at best, is disorienting; at worse, it has disastrous consequences for your psychological and physical health. To be in the throes of addiction, and then to face the prospect of getting addiction treatment, adds to the pain and confusion. The good news…