person holding pills showing xanax addiction signs

What are the Xanax Addiction Signs?

There are many medications available to you to manage anxiety-related issues. For instance, your doctor might prescribe Xanax to treat a panic disorder or other anxiety-related condition. It relaxes you and also has some antidepressant properties. But, as a benzodiazepine, this medication can have a dark side as well. As with any medication, it’s vital…

people in yoga class getting meditation therapy for depression

Does Meditation Therapy for Depression Work?

Many of those struggling with addiction also face serious mental health challenges. Depression and anxiety, for example, are common problems for those experiencing substance abuse. For some, they may have turned to drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication to deal with their mental health issues. For others, abusing drugs or alcohol may have…

patient with therapist learning what is psychodynamic therapy

What Is Psychodynamic Therapy?

Addiction is both a physical and mental disease. As such, it requires treatment from both angles, so individuals struggling with substance use disorder can overcome and heal from abusing drugs or alcohol. You likely already know that psychotherapy is an integral part of recovery. In contrast, few people realize that different therapeutic approaches fall under…

man on laptop in the dark wondering what is sex addiction

What Is Sex Addiction?

Addictions come in many forms. While drug and alcohol addiction are more recognized than some others, people can be addicted to anything that triggers the reward pathway in the brain. Whether it’s gambling, food, or sex, an unhealthy dependence can have devastating consequences. So, what is sex addiction, and how can it damage your life?…

woman tacking a horse experiencing the benefits of equine therapy

What Are the Benefits of Equine Therapy?

The traditional treatment of substance abuse and addiction often involves many different therapies. One form of therapy that has been proven effective is animal therapy, specifically equine therapy (horses). There are many benefits to equine therapy for those who are struggling with substance abuse issues. When used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches, individuals struggling…

person in field greeting the sun showing freedom from addiction

Freedom from Addiction

Counselors specializing in addiction treatment are confronted daily with men and women who resemble prisoners. Some hide behind hunched shoulders, averted eyes, and mumbled or evasive answers. By contrast, others vigorously defend, deny, rationalize, and excuse the behavior that brought them here to Sante Center for Healing. Whether they are engaging in flight or fight,…

woman sitting with hand on head dealing with depression and anxiety

How Are Depression and Anxiety Different?

Not only are depression and anxiety common issues for those dealing with substance abuse but also they are the most common mental health issues facing everyone. Therefore, when someone is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, it’s not uncommon for depression or anxiety to accompany that disorder. Both anxiety and depression share a lot of…