family and therapist discussing family therapy activities

Family Therapy Activities to Consider

Drug addiction affects more than just the individual doing drugs. It impacts their family, loved ones, and the community. When someone becomes addicted to drugs they often times isolate themselves from others because of their drug activity. This puts a wedge between them and their family. Family therapy with its accompanying family therapy activities seeks…

family and friends discussing Dallas TX drug rehab centers

Should I Rely On Dallas TX Drug Rehab Centers for My Recovery?

When you’re stuck in the throes of addiction, your first major hurdle is accepting and understanding that you have a problem. From there, you can begin the process of seeking out treatment for addiction. Whether you conduct the search yourself or you ask friends or family for help, professional treatment is a must to achieve…

man suffering from alcoholism and depression

Alcoholism and Depression- Is There a Connection?

Alcoholism and depression are two disorders often found co-occurring in individuals. The link between these conditions is well documented. Approximately, one-third of people who have major depression also have alcohol use disorder. When alcoholism and depression strike, it’s vital to find a dual diagnosis treatment center in Argyle Texas. Understanding Alcoholism Alcoholism refers to a…