Two horses represent the benefits of equine therapy

What Are the Benefits of Equine Therapy?

The traditional treatment of substance abuse and addiction often involves many different therapies. The following information will discuss the many benefits of equine therapy for those who are struggling with substance abuse issues. Most people find that the ideal treatment plan will involve multiple approaches that encompass their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. What is…

A woman participates in meditation therapy for depression at sunset

Does Meditation Therapy for Depression Work?

Many of those struggling with addiction also face serious mental health challenges. Depression and anxiety, for example, are common problems for those experiencing substance abuse. Meditation therapy for depression is one form of treatment that can be very helpful. However, how does it work? What is Meditation Therapy? Mindful meditation therapy for depression involves the…

A line of cocaine and alcohol sit on a table

Is Using Cocaine and Alcohol Together Dangerous?

Many people who abuse drugs have their substance of choice. However, this doesn’t mean they only use that substance, just that they often prefer one particular drug. While they have a favorite, they may have no problems mixing various substances. This type of drug abuse poses additional problems. If you don’t know how combining cocaine…

A woman hugs a blanket while dealing with depression and anxiety

How Are Depression and Anxiety Different?

Depression and anxiety are common issues for those dealing with substance abuse. And in fact, the two mental illnesses actually share a lot of similarities. However, how are they different? Moreover, how do these issues affect people with substance abuse problems? Understanding Depression and Anxiety Everyone experiences bad days from time to time. However, mental…