patient asking therapist about what is psychotherapy

What Is Psychotherapy?

Addiction is complex. Not everyone abuses drugs and alcohol for the same reasons. Some people may wind up with an addiction, while others won’t. This, of course, is due to many factors. However, what makes addiction to drugs or alcohol such a challenge to recover from is that it has both physical and mental aspects.…

therapist explaining what is medical detox

What Is Medical Detox?

You’ve woken up to withdrawal symptoms one too many times. You’re ready to make some changes in your life. Overcoming a substance abuse problem is at the top of your list. However, one of the reasons you are still struggling with substance use disorder is that you’ve never been able to properly get the drugs…

patient asking therapist what is trauma informed approach

What Is Trauma-Informed Approach?

Each person handles difficulties in his or her own way. For some people, even living through the most traumatic circumstances doesn’t seem to impact them in a significant way. However, other people have serious trouble working through trauma. Thus, when dealing with addiction treatment, facilities like the Sante Center for Healing offer a wide range…

man experiencing PTSD and addiction

How Are PTSD and Addiction Related?

You’re struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You’re also dealing with a drug habit. How do PTSD and addiction connect? More importantly, how can you overcome both and live sober? Often these questions plague individuals struggling with PTSD as well as those who care about them like their loved ones, friends, and family. Finding answers…

woman drinking alone at night showing signs of an alcoholic

How to Recognize the Signs of an Alcoholic Friend

An alcohol use disorder is easy to hide. Especially for individuals who have been drinking and struggling with alcohol use disorder for some time. Also, individuals often overlook warning signs that someone has a dependency or addiction upon alcohol because they don’t consider things like binge drinking being dangerous. Yet this is a form of…

patient learning the effects of codeine abuse

I Don’t Know the Effects of Codeine Abuse

Codeine is an opiate. It’s also an ingredient in various common medications, one example being cough syrups. However, as an opiate, codeine can be habit-forming if it is abused. The chance of individuals abusing codeine have increased over the years due to the prescription opioid epidemic. Many individuals who have inadvertently become dependent upon opioids…

man drinking in front of wife and kid showing addiction and family

Addiction and Family

How are addiction and family issues tied together? When someone abuses drugs and alcohol, does the problem really affect their loved ones as well? Yes, it does. Most users have family members who deeply care about them. The struggle with addiction, therefore, impacts them, too. Thus, the right treatment program gives everyone in the family…

black and white picture of someone enduring cocaine abuse symptoms

Hidden Cocaine Abuse Symptoms

When individuals use drugs or alcohol even recreationally, they can develop a dependency or addiction. The more potent the substance and the more frequent the use, the greater the risk of addiction. One particular drug, cocaine, is frequently used in social settings. While individuals may only use this substance on occasion, cocaine is potent and…

woman listening to therapist as part of Detox from Alcohol

Is Detox from Alcohol Painful?

When someone has been abusing alcohol for a long time, they routinely develop a dependence or addiction to it. This means that alcohol has altered the individual’s brain chemistry, making it necessary for them to drink to function normally. Addiction isn’t necessarily about wanting a ‘high.’ Rather, it’s often about avoiding painful withdrawal symptoms. The…